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People with disability wet shaving

Thoughts and input on anything related to wet shaving or men's grooming.

People with disability wet shaving

Postby celar36 » Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:13 pm

Hello all,

There is not much talk on forums about people with disability, whom wet shave.
I know many people rather not say they are disable as sometimes this is very private thing.
I myself am disable and never hide it or be embarrassed by it. My right side of body was severely paralysed during my birth and many nerves damage. I struggle for long time to practice it to usable state but is still not even 60% fully operational. I have no feelings in toes, I slightly limp and my right hand have very restricted movements. I cant open a bottle or turn a key with that hand or lift a coin. However is you see me you never guess I am disable. Most people are surprise when they learn I am.

Where am I going with it?

Well I was thinking how other people wet shave when they have disability any tricks they use?


-hold a certain soap dish in hand to lather. Lot of them keep slipping from my hand and I cant use brush in my right hand.


- Old Spice cup gives my perfect grip, where I know it will to slip or fell down
- I face lather which is better also for my coarse beard

-biggest issue is installing blade in 3 piece OC razor (Tried to shave with TTO but cant find a good razor for me to use in that range and never got my hands on Aristocrat 21 OC or 15 OC). While I dont cut myself I cant control pressure with fingers when I hold blade between head and top cap to tight handle. Its paintful.

No solutions as yet with current razor. I cant put nothing between finders and blade as my fingers will not handle and slip. I tried


-Sometimes when I struggle I tend to drop my razor.


I do all blade changing etc above baby changing table just in case

Problem with no solution.

Cant use straight razor as I cant stretch my skin or swap hands

My go to set for long time is:

-Gillette NI or NEW long comb. Best for my skin issue
-P.160 or old spice
-Brush with good grip Thater 4125/1
-London Bridge or Triton R3

I had on loan from friend in Poland (during my 3 weeks stay there) a Tradere OC not enough It gave me great shaves but it head built was hiding blade side and head built to hold nicely is pure pleasure to use! Hope more producers start covering side of blades. Would make my life more easier:)

I am trying to get Tradere OC but I people keep to them as they are fine razors and I cant blame them.

I am happy that I went into wet shaving hobby as it changes many things in my life but thats another story for another day:)

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Re: People with disability wet shaving

Postby ShadowsDad » Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:00 pm

Jack, we all do what we can and it sounds as though you're doing OK my friend. I have a friend who's aging and he has a very hard time holding onto things as well. Heck, I'm aging too and I can't do what I was once able to do but I adapt and get things accomplished as best I can and in other ways. Billions of people who came before us did exactly the same thing as well. It's just part of the human condition.

This may sound cold initially, but I assure you that it's not meant to be. We're all dealt the hands we're holding and we're expected to deal with them. From what I know about you you're doing well and you're a credit to the human race. It sounds to me as though you may be down, but you shouldn't be. I read your post and I read triumph in it. You're doing OK.

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Re: People with disability wet shaving

Postby mrjediconsular » Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:31 pm

for me i dont like sharing about my disability with alot of people unless they ask nicely and or if it affects my desicions.(i.e what razor should i get to start with as my first razor). well for me i have to sit down on a chair which makes it harder to see to shave so i have stop and feel where i shaved i have too somtimes put my elbow on the couter and hold the razor and lighty drag my face up when my leg/s starts shaking for no reason. and when im trying to put a new blade in my merkur progress i just sit the razor top half upside down slide the blade down then put the other half down after that and tighten pick it up rinse and start going.
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Re: People with disability wet shaving

Postby CMur12 » Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:47 pm

Jack, thank you for creating such a meaningful thread. I never realized that you faced such challenges.

Jordan, I was hoping you would weigh in, as you have shared with us before about your personal circumstances and how they related to wetshaving.

I like what Brian said about reading triumph in Jack's post. That would clearly apply to Jordan, as well, and to anyone else finding ways to wetshave in spite of limitations that would make it much more difficult than it is for most.

I have a slight tremor in my hands, though it really hasn't been a problem shaving, so I can't fully appreciate the challenges that others face in this regard every day of their lives. Hopefully, others will contribute to this thread with work-arounds that they have devised to create ability over disability. My hat's off to both of you.

- Murray
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Re: People with disability wet shaving

Postby celar36 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:18 am

Its very important to never give up and keep trying.

I basically learn how to shave thanks to @JWW in my first post in this forum and @ShadowsDad massive help sending me some razors and KMF cream! Whole this forum really put great input in my journey.

Baby change table comes handy for me to handle blades change as depends from razor I will put it upside down and tighten.

Mentioned Vintage Old spice mug have best grip for me ever.

I really narrow down what is good for me in terms of shaving and try to be consistent.

Thater 4125
Old spice soap

will always be in my den

With Razors

Gillette NEW series perform for me best together with Tradere OC (as mentioned trying to acquire one) and also want to get Gillette OC 47 Popular for head design.

@mrjediconsular I actually put a removable shelf across bathtub so I can shave while sitting in bath tub.

I consider my time as shaving very special to me and I give it 100% attention with being very slow. I appreciate every second of whole ritual. My wife loves when I have BBS

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