Question For "Newbies"--How Did You Learn of SMF?

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How Did You First Learn Of This Site?

Poll ended at Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:44 pm

Search Engine Query (Yahoo, Google, Ask, etc.)
"Off Topic" Posting on another forum (Fedora, Anandtech, Fountainpen, etc.)
Someone's Blog Entry (Livejournal, Myspace, Facepage, etc.)
Commercial "Soap Box" (,
Face-to-Face/IRL Discussion
Another Shaving-Related Forum (MSN, B&B, ME, etc.)
Total votes: 67

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Question For "Newbies"--How Did You Learn of SMF?

Post by mantic »


I'm doing some background on a proposed magazine article about the re-surgence of traditional shaving (the board vets may remember my initial stab at this over a year ago; it was sidelined by health and business issues).

I am particularly interested in how new users (say, within the last six months) "discovered" this site. Comments welcome. Poll will run for 60 days.

(Would a mod mind making this a "sticky?")

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Post by Feldenak »

I did a Google search for "shavegeek" after reading the Shaveblog rip on the term.
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Post by With The Grain »

SRP, i believe randy taylor's posts got me curious about smf and now i owe him one! thanks randy, love this place
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Post by Greggy_D »

Google is your friend.
Greggy D.
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Post by aircraft_electrician »

My friends at Fountain Pen Network led me here, unfortunately now I'm neglecting them for this forum. Oh well.

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Post by SteveL »

It was either shaveblog or the MSN group. It was at least indirectly shaveblog, which then led me to the MSN group which I know I checked out first. I just don't recall if the group refered me here or the shaveblog did.
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Post by skalogre »

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Post by kaptain_zero »

For me it was the Ask Andy forum.... Not sure now if it was a direct reference or if it was just the idea of what to search for on the net next....

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Post by drP »

It was back in those days of the autumn of 2004 that SMF was mentioned on the MSN Wetshaversforum; at that time, there were only 25 members since the start on july 6; you can see from the fact that in august and october no members were registrated and in september only one, that SMF wasn't known very well on the MSN board; even a shavegeek like me took it nearly 5 months to get registrated.

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Post by Onion »

I was led here from Fountain Pen Network.... I'll never be able to thank the memphis lawyer enough!!!
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Post by styptic screams »

I was Googlin' for maintenance info for mah pencil-thin mustache... :mrgreen:
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Post by Chris Richards »

For me, it was a post on which led me to the MSN wetshavers site...after digging around there for a while I came across this site. So glad I did too....
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Post by Nitrox »

I was searching for badger brushes on Google and now I've found the best site for shaving information. :D

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Post by jww »

I first stumbled across the Corey Greenburg piece on the Today Weekend website, which then directed me to the MSN WetShavers group, which in turn directed me to this forum.

I think it's by far the best of all the wet shaving forums I belong to. In fact, I don't even check for new posts on the other sites any more.

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Post by vontech »

Google shaving, found Wetshavers, read about SMF, came here and stayed.

-- Tom

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Post by AACJ »

Indirectly through the Richmond Times Dispatch in an article I read about shaving. Of course it directed me to classic shaving and the original shave geek, which in turn directed me to this site.

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Post by TJM III »

Read a post in Ask Andy, went to Wetshavers, then here. I've found this to be the best of the shaving forums. I check in on the other ones once in a while, but find they don't have many postings.

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Post by rustyblade »

I am subscribed a mailing list called Kevin's Cool Tools mailing list where people submit their favourite tool or gadget. Somebody submitted a Mekur HD linked to Classicshaving, I bought a Futur a week later and I was googling for reviews on it and eventually found SMF.
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Post by SupaDongzu »

rustyblade wrote:I am subscribed a mailing list called Kevin's Cool Tools mailing list where people submit their favourite tool or gadget. Somebody submitted a Mekur HD linked to Classicshaving,
I also found it via Cool Tools, only I saw Kevin's blog entry on it. I followed up to classicshaving and googled around a bit. Eventually I found shaveblog and all his links into the SMF brush controversy in here. So technically I found this place via Corey, but I found the whole practice via Kevin Kelly.
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Post by RansomOttawa »

I had read an acquaintance's blog entry about his first experience wetshaving after being a dedicated electric shaver, and I started searching the Net for information about the products he was using, as well as some of the ones I'd seen in stores (Williams, Florena, etc.). Eventually I stumbled on SMF.
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