Question For "Newbies"--How Did You Learn of SMF?

Thoughts and input on anything related to wet shaving or men's grooming.

How Did You First Learn Of This Site?

Poll ended at Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:44 pm

Search Engine Query (Yahoo, Google, Ask, etc.)
"Off Topic" Posting on another forum (Fedora, Anandtech, Fountainpen, etc.)
Someone's Blog Entry (Livejournal, Myspace, Facepage, etc.)
Commercial "Soap Box" (,
Face-to-Face/IRL Discussion
Another Shaving-Related Forum (MSN, B&B, ME, etc.)
Total votes: 67

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Post by 2clfrwrds »

Desperate Googling: I was on a business trip with a busted electric, bought an after-market Mach 3, and spent the rest of that day trying to learn how to use it before morning. I found Wetshavers first, but was dissatisfied with the clunky MSN set up.

BTW, I learned about Corey Greenburg from SMF!

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Post by Gatorade »

2clfrwrds wrote:Desperate Googling: I was on a business trip with a busted electric, bought an after-market Mach 3, and spent the rest of that day trying to learn how to use it before morning. I found Wetshavers first, but was dissatisfied with the clunky MSN set up.

BTW, I learned about Corey Greenburg from SMF!

Same here, I had never seen the blog, the video or any other refrence before here. I actually only saw the video last week after someone posted a link.

I thought it was a great video. It hit with more punch in the 2 minute or so time limit they have than a lot of other spots I have seen on that show. I also don't think he is a paid pimp as some may say. I think he gets something and gives a review. Hit or miss it is still one mans opinion. He gets ripped more than the Movie Critic that gave the original Star Wars one star (*) and said it was pathetic. I don't read his blog much because most of it seems like rehash but if it wakes people up to a better way of shaving then more power.
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Cigar Dan
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Post by Cigar Dan »

None of the above. My brother told me about it.

That was many dollars and many razors ago. :)
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Post by bnett »

I linked to it from
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Post by mr_economy »

Learned about it from the forums.
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Post by scarface911 »

I to learned of this forum from
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mark the shoeshine boy
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Post by mark the shoeshine boy »

rustyblade wrote:
mark the shoeshine boy wrote:well, corey greenburg, got me started looking at the wetshavers forum and then smf and now badger and i read both forums when i have a chance...

mark the shoeshine boy
And where would we be without you? :)

in a much better state of mind.....
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Post by bigDee »

I learned about smf from BB. I learned about BB from either another forum ( or Or maybe a google search, I don't know.
EL Alamein
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Post by EL Alamein »

Sam told us about it. He used to come over to the Yahoo SRP all the time and recommend it. Been reading for years but never had the desire to participate until now.

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Post by Scorpio »

I read athread on FPN about shving and razors...I followed the trail and it led me here.

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Post by Bobwhite »

I ran across a barber who did shaves. I gave it a try and wanted to repeat the process at home. Checked google and liked this sight the best.
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Post by brothers »

My daughter found it surfing around and told me I should pay a visit. These zombie threads are fun, especially when I fail to read the date of the last post! :lol:

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GA Russell
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Post by GA Russell »

SMF was referred to in an article about shaving in the Raleigh News & Observer.
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Post by ScottB »

I had been having a problem for years. With the modern multi-blade razors I was constantly developing ingrowns, particularly towards the end of the work week after 3-4 shaves.

I bought a fancy electric, same thing there, ingrowns developing by the end of the work week.

I remember googling ingrowns and finding SMF. After obtaining a DE it still took a few weeks to realize that I'm strictly a WTG shaver and strictly a single-blade man. No problems since.
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Post by changabang »

IIRC, I went from Google to B&B, and from there to TSD to here.
James Nicks
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Post by LookingGlass »

Don't remember...think I may have Googled...SMF has the all of the other shave sites beat hands down...SMF second to none. This is my go to site for sharing shaving experiences and asking advice.

=D> =D>

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Post by regboy »

Searching around on

Short Round
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Post by Short Round »

Another realm entirely,.....

shaving was being discussed in the general discussion of the boards. It's a gun enthusiast forum. The topic I saw turned out to be a many page saga with references to SMF and many vendors as well as discussion on tools of the trade.
Thalay Sagar
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Post by Thalay Sagar »

Google to Shaveblog to here and an ampersanded forum. Ran screaming from there to here.

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Post by druphus »

I got here from Corey Greenberg's article:

Which, by the way, deserves a place in your poll.
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