If you had to pare down to the barest of what you needed

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If you had to pare down to the barest of what you needed

Post by Sam »

Say you had a fire and could grab just the barest of shaving essentials. What would it be?

Shavemac XXL brush
Merkur Slant bar
Feather blades
Castle Forbes Limes cream
Thayers Witch Hazel
Natureade 80 aloe gel

I have much more, but this is the minimum

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Post by Austin »

Sam, I would probably die of smoke inhalation trying to save my stash. :lol:
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Post by notthesharpest »

Your first three, plus whatever soap or cream I had shaved with last.
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Post by Laney1566 »

My 4 Piece Dovo/Merkur shave set
1. Futur Razor/with Merkur blades
2. Matching Silvertip Badger Brush
3. Shave Bowl
4. Stand that holds em all
Col. Conk Amber soap Bar
Pinaud Talc
Alum Block
Shave Talc
Pinaud Aftershave
Barber Towel/I might be able to beat off the flames with it as well.

Finally I would have to rescue my Antelope Horn Mustache comb and scissors.
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Post by Laney1566 »

Come to think of it. I have most of that already in my shave kit.

Answer......My shave kit!
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Post by divotmax »



Shavemac XL Brush
Feather Blades
Taylor's Almond Cream
Em's Aftershave Splashes

Razor: Gillette HD Adjustable

Well, I was thinking about it!

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Post by Sam »

divotmax wrote:Hi;

Shavemac XL Brush
Feather Blades
Taylor's Almond Cream
Em's Aftershave Splashes

What razor Bob?
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Post by jmhUT »

1) Gillette long handle adjustable
2) Israelli personna blades
3) Vulfix 2234
4) Taylor's avocado
5) Thayer's Lavender

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Post by DavidB »

Razor: Gillette Tech (hefty handle), but would be tempted to try to rescue my other vintage razors, too!
Blades: Personna
Brush: Savile Row 3122 silvertip or Vulfix 2133 superbadger
Shave cream: Proraso
Shave bowl: Small stainless doggie bowl from PetCo
Aftershave balm: Proraso
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Post by Nitrox »

'56 Gillette Super Speed
Israeli blades
Simpson Chubby 2 (Hint, hint, Sam :wink: )
T&H Rose shave cream
Thayers rose witch hazel
Proraso AS

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Post by DaveInPhilly »

I'm pretty easy:

My brush
Taylor's Sandalwood
my trusty Mach 3
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Post by Kalypso »

My KMF Olive Oil Soap (I can shave & shower with it...hair too).
Gillette Adjustable Fat Boy (2 sides vs 1 on my Micromatic).
Thayers Rose Witch Hazel.
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Post by Gundogs »

1961 Gillette FatBoy (only because that is what I started with in 1961) then:
Merkur Vision (my favorite razor)
Feather blades
Rooney brush
Taylor's Avocado

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Post by Gatorade »

Well not that I have to worry about a fire in the shave den. The infrared smoke detectors would trigger the vacum seal that would eliminate all oxygen from the room. Of course there would be no O2 entering the room what with the 3" thick steel fire doors, walls and 18" concrete slab and ceiling. Fire foam is sprayed on the outside perimeter of the "cube" as the designers called it. If the temp gets too hot inside the self contained cooling system kicks in and keeps all the creams and soaps from melting. It is all automatic so you would think you were in a regular room if you didn't notice. If I was away when this dreaded event occoured I would be paged, emailed and my cell phone rings. I have a dedicated satelite phone that I carry as a back up to the other methods. The call is placed by someone who sits and watches for the alarm to be triggerd and then alerts me.

But since we are having a hypothetical discussion. I would grab:

Ratty old boar brush that I have had for almost half my life. (I have nicer ones but they are all replacable except for that one)
My Gillette Slim Adjustable.
Israeli blades
Tub of C&E Sweet Almond Oil Cream
My Barbershop Mug
The Neutrogena Razor Defense ASB
The bag of Penhaligon's samples I have!
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Post by kd7kip »

Merkur HD + Feather blades
Trumpers Rose creme in Tub
Saville Row 204 brush in Tortoise Shell
Trumpers Coral Skin Food
Trumpers Eucris hairdressing

Basically what I use every day, except I have four Trumpers cremes in rotation (Rose, Lime, Sandalwood, Violet). Also I enjoy the daily application of Thayers Triple Strength Aftershave Witch Hazel-- but in desperate times, decisions must be made...

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Post by Blue As A Jewel »

My head will explode if I try and answer this...
- Ravi -

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Post by Red Bob »

"The barest of shaving essentials......."

As I ponder this question, me thinks some are assuming a little too fortuitously. As the flames engulf such as my home, I would think the only things I'd wish to salvage would be:

My greatgrandfather's straight razors and brush
The only 4 dog's bollocks blades I own, the infamous GEM teflons
C&E Sweet Almond Oil cream (only b/c it's in the plastic and rare $18 tub, which would be a little harder to replace)
Eveready razor

And that, my friends, is ALL...................stand amazed as I refused to hoard in greed my proud stash of shaving implements and paraphenalia. For the barest essentials I did grab in haste as the flames engulfed my bathroom and home! Out of the way, wife...............an emergency shave awaits! :shock: As I stand at the road and watch as my precious home is destroyed by fire, the only solace I have is the fact that I'm getting a decent shave with my bare essentials.

Crouched down by the bank of the lake across the street, I dip my hands into the coolish water and begin my beard prep..........all the while keeping one eye on the demise of my property. I then lather with the ancient brush, as the cream glides onto my beard. Onlookers and passersby, I hear in the distance: "What crude implements he uses! But his technique is impecable, indeed! Just look...........not nary a nick!"

And so it went the duration of the shave...............as the flames tore through the night sky, I found comfort in stroking my smooth face. All-in-all, a damn fine shave..........damn fine!

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Post by bernards66 »

Evening, I'm with Ravi, my head would explode also, if I tried to answer this question the way it is posed ( a fire, and all that ). So, as close as I can come to "the barest essentials" is probably what I take when I travel. Which generally is:
A small tube of Coate's shave cream ( usually Lavender or Almond ),
A D R Harris's shave stick,
Schick Injector razor and Schick blades,
A small plastic bottle of Harris's Aftershave Milk
A small bottle of cologne ( depending on what I currently have )
A brush ( today, for travel, that means my Rooney Super small or the Vulfix 2234 ).

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Post by JimT »

A tough question.

Merkur HD Classic straight bar razor with Merkur blades
Burma shave brush (it's all I've got folks)
C&E Sweet Almond Oil soap
Thayers Lemon Witch Hazel

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Post by rtaylor61 »

This is easy!

Mr. Insurance Man, here is a list of my "stuff", which needs to be replaced at full face value...

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