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Re: Oh no

Post by ShadowsDad » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:26 pm

I talked to the sister of a long term vegan tonight (at least 40 years a vegan) and she was telling us how her brother David is unable to do simple things, has difficulty even getting up, etc'. She's going over tomorrow to do basic housekeeping for him, he might be 70. FWIW, his Dr's have told him to start to eat a "normal" diet, but the damage has been done. He's effed and just getting worse. Everything in moderation is my take away.

IMO some folks treat the vegan life as almost a religion, David did. It's OK a few times a week and folks will probably have better health if it's done that way. But for some reason the people who espouse this, at least the ones I've run into, seem to immerse themselves into it and when they discuss it are almost accusatory when telling others about it, as though they are in some way superior because they kill carrots instead of animals. Who are they to decide that the carrot has less right to life than the steer? That never works with me in a positive way. Even if I tend to agree with them on using the diet a few days a week for health reasons, when I get the attitude I mentally flip them the bird and do my own thing. I'm going to die of something. I just as soon die from something I enjoy rather than living a long life hating doing what I'm forced to do to live a few more years.So far I've been doing something right. I've always eaten most anything in moderation. I try to eat from many varied sources of nutrition and I have a mostly open mind regarding food and a mature palate that doesn't discriminate for any one taste. My Dr tells me that I'm good for many more years (if I want to live that long - I add that).

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Re: Oh no

Post by brothers » Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:18 pm

We had a dear relative who had drawn a bad hand from the beginning. A lot of unrelated healh issues, from her early childhood. She received a ham from her job one year, and a couple of days later we visited her, and she told us she had eaten the whole thing in one day! This was her context. She never had a chance of growing old. It wasn't anything associated with eating healthy, it was her destiny. We still miss her, by the way.

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