Caswell-Massey Shaving Cream

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Caswell-Massey Shaving Cream

Post by michaelherndon »

Anyone here tried Caswell-Massey creams? I love the scents of their bath soap, but thought I had read on here that their shave soap doesn't lather very well. Since it's on the expensive side, I figured it might be worth getting some opinions before making a purchase.
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Re: Caswell-Massey Shaving Cream

Post by drmoss_ca »

Welcome to SMF! I haven't tried those creams, and was underwhelmed by their aftershaves. I daresay someone here will be able to give an opinion more useful than mine.
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Re: Caswell-Massey Shaving Cream

Post by pausted »

I recently purchased a tin of their new soap which is produced by Holy Black in New York. It is a typical artisan soft soap. The performance is fine, slick and protective. The strong suit is the scent. It is may be the best smelling shaving soap I have EVER used. I bought the ROS scent and it truly has a beautiful fragrance. In the tin, the added spice scents kind of overpower the rose scent but, upon lathering, the rose scent explodes.

I can't comment on the creams because I haven't tried them but the soap is a winner. Of course YMMV.
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Re: Caswell-Massey Shaving Cream

Post by blantyre »

The website says the cream can be used with or without a brush. Any comments on lathering? I’ve not liked the few brushless creams that I’ve tried. They seemed a bit greasy and tended to clog the razor.
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Re: Caswell-Massey Shaving Cream

Post by fallingwickets »

welcome to smf.

I might have to try a rose after reading Basil's comment. thanks for the enable :D

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Re: Caswell-Massey Shaving Cream

Post by brothers »

The description of the Ros fragrance is definitely tempting, isn't it! :D
Honestly, I have some fairly OK brushless cream or two that will probably last me a long time. I don't use it very often.

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