brushless creams?

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brushless creams?

Post by robphelan »

hey guys!

I've been using a dual edge razor for a couple of years now and have been preaching the gospel to everyone I know. I will never go back to cartridges again.

I've mainly used Origins' products - specifically Blade Runner as my shave cream. They used to sell it in tubs, which was great for my big hands. Now, the only sell it in tubes.. I hate feeling like I can't get all the product out.

When I feel 'cheap', I'll buy something like Burt's Bees shave cream.. or similar, that runs about $8/tube.

Anyway, I'd really like to try a nice lavender or sandalwood scented cream, however, I don't use a brush. I shave about 6 times a week, usually in the shower - because with 2 kids, I don't have a lot of time in the morning to spend grooming.

Is there a product that I can use by applying directly by hand instead of having to use a brush? It seems like all the products discussed really need a brush, but I just don't normally have the time.

I think, though, that I would like to start a Sunday ritual of a locking the bathroom door, turning up NPR and having nice post-shower shave with a brush...

thanks a lot for your help.
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Post by notthesharpest »

I think you're overestimating the time a brush takes. When you shave without a brush, you still have to rub the cream in with your hands, then rinse your hands...

But yes there are other brushless creams, or creams that can be used brushless. Cremo Cream's name keeps popping up. I know there are others but I'll let the people who actually use them take this thread further.
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Post by wiess »

I have tried numerous creams without a brush - Proraso, The Real Shave Co., Nivea, and Cremo Cream. I have found that Cremo Cream is the best brushless cream and I use it almost daily at the gym. When at home and have more time and space it is Proraso and a brush for me.
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Post by druphus »

Welvome to the forum Rob! I too would recommend using a brush. Brushless stuff just doesn't do it for me. However, I can appreciate that if you shave in the shower you would want to forego the brush. If you want to stay brushless I'd say try the Cremo, or the Proraso foam.
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Post by desertbadger »

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Post by Blue As A Jewel »

+1 on the Cremo Cream based on efficacy... scent, not so much...
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Post by robphelan »

thanks for the help... i'll look into Cremo... hopefully they have a lavender or sandalwood to try.
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Post by notthesharpest »

robphelan wrote:thanks for the help... i'll look into Cremo... hopefully they have a lavender or sandalwood to try.
They have just one scent and it's sort of piña colada. Not like good shaving cream and kind of strange, in other words. But apparently it works...
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Post by gsgo »

Can hardly go wrong with a barber shop classic like Lucky Tiger Molle - get a big tub for not much money - slap on however much you need and shave. Great stuff! ... Cream.html

Search around for the best price and shipping. They also make some great after shave creams that are well priced as well.
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Post by jpq5 »

TOBS lavender is by far my favorite cream. I'm sure it can be used without a brush, as could most creams. But IMO, it would seem like a waste.
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Post by notthesharpest »

Nearly any cream CAN be used without a brush. But with those intended for a brush, a lot would indeed be wasted - the action of the wet brush expands a tiny amount of cream into a lot of lather.

If you get a plastic-handled brush you can take it into the shower with no problems (as long as you have a ledge in there to put it on). Just make sure you let it dry on an open shelf outside the shower afterwards.
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Post by siouxsie »

Musgo Real...not lavender or sandalwood, but a superb smelling and performing cream that can be used with a brush or without.
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Post by drumana »

Kiehl's brushless shave cream is pretty good. The only drawback is that it can gunk up a razor pretty easily. But it provides for good shaves - nice and slick and protective. Aside from that, Burt's Bees has a nice brushless cream in their Men's line.
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Post by Steve-o »

Kiss My Face (line of "natural"/organic cosmetics) has a lavander/shea and is a nice cream to use with or without a brush. Fairly easy to find (check the natural-food stores near you) and not expensive.
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Post by DEF »

Another recommendation for Kiss My Face and Musgo Real. Musgo is my preferred travel cream, since it works great brushless and comes in a durable metal tube with a screw cap.
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Post by Ouchmychin »

I just posted a reccomendation on a thread in the "General" forum for the brushless cream that gave me the best brushless shaves. It was alba botanicals "aloe-mint" version. I got it in a tube at and it is one that vanishes when rubbed into skin. Still works, but is best used with "Shave Secret" shaving oil that I get at Walmart. Rub in the oil first, then the brushless. Great protection and lubrication.
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Post by merkri »

I'm a big fan of not using a brush. Just about any cream can be used successfully without a brush.

Just to plug my favorite--the gel from The Soap Opera in Iowa City:

It can be custom scented, so that's not too much of an issue. It's brushless and something I like a lot for a simple shave.

I enjoy a brush with the right soap, but I see it more as a means to expand the soaps I can enjoy easily rather than something I enjoy in itself (although I do like restoring them).
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Post by Bob »

You could give this a go, Rob, and see if you like it: ... tmentId=76

It's a strong sandalwood fragrance, and you might enjoy it. C-M says you can use a brush with it, but don't you dare. You'll ruin your brush if you do.

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Post by Rambler »

I have tried a few brushless creams over the years and found my favorite to be Musgo Real. I used it almost daily for a long period of time due to early working hours and was satisfied with the performance. Plus, I enjoy form as much as I do function and I think the tube is pretty cool.
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Post by hifigeezer »

I haven't tried too many brands but got good results with Nancy Boy; close and not irritating, only a modest amount is needed, fragrance is pleasant but not too strong.
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