Box of Gifted Creams

What is your opinion on fine shaving creams and hard soaps? Do you like Trumpers, Coates, Taylors, Truefitt & Hill? Post your reviews and opinions here!
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Box of Gifted Creams

Post by RazorRamone »

Although I am a shaving soap die-hard, by brother became tired of his shaving cream collection and gave me a large box to add to my collection.

All kinds of goodies. Trumpers, TOBS, Coates, Harris, C & E, Cella, AoS, different lesser known international creams, etc.

No surprises to me... except one.

Why is Coates so beloved on this forum? I tried the Sandalwood and it smelled like bearing grease rather than a fine English shaving product. (It has not gone bad.) Average cream performance. I personally don't get the love... maybe this was a bad batch?

This box of shaving creams has made me appreciate my DRH Almond or Lavender soaps even more!
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Re: Box of Gifted Creams

Post by Squire »

Speaking for myself I got very good service from Coates when it was still in production though I expect any around now has quite some age on it and is thereby suspect.
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Re: Box of Gifted Creams

Post by brothers »

To each his own. My Coates Sandalwood is excellent. I recently finished a whole tube of it. Too bad you got a bad one. Changing directions, I have a fresh new tub of AOS Sandalwood and also a tub of TOBS Jermyn Street shaving cream that I'm very much looking forward to using when the time comes. I am confident it will be quite good.

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Re: Box of Gifted Creams

Post by BPman »

RazorRamone wrote:...Why is Coates so beloved on this forum? I tried the Sandalwood and it smelled like bearing grease...

THAT is funny!! :P
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