Mario Badescu Shaving Cream

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Mario Badescu Shaving Cream

Post by mantic » Tue Jul 27, 2004 6:40 am

Gents-- I tried one of the Mario Badescu shaving cream samples (the regular, unscented) I received yesterday. My first impression: Ehhh *hand wavy*.

Pros: *Very* lubricating; I got a very close shave. No nicks, cuts, or burn.

Cons: No wonder the sample jar is bigger than others I've received--I needed three times the cream. I tried lathering using a brush; it worked OK, but apparently this is a brushless cream. The cream clogged my Mach3 cartridge much more quickly than usual, and it took more effort to rinse out as I was shaving (and I noticed "clumps" of whiskers in the sink, vs. evenly distributed single whiskers in the sink).

Summary: I'll finish the samples but I doubt I'll go out and buy any.

I also tried the aftershave...blech. Strong smell of witch hazel and strong sting of alcohol. I quickly washed it off and applied some Trumper Skin Food. That sample got thrown in the trash.


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