FYSA Dominica and Grand Bay

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FYSA Dominica and Grand Bay

Post by aih » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:28 pm

I emailed California-Antilles Trading to ask about the future of Dominica Bay Rum, with between-the-lines intent of expressing my desire to use it again one day when it returns. There was a response! The news is that (according to the message I received) the Grand Bay they have is all there is and when it is gone it will be a long while before they can import more Bay Rum from Dominica. I went to West Coast Shaving to make an order and it is out of stock there. Checked Amazon, no result. So, I made a big order at California-Antilles.

Now I'm curious about the Bay trees, how long it will take to recover and have producing trees..... Will the industry recover?..... I recall way back when the exceptionally rare hard freeze in the 80's in Florida wiped out the citrus in Central Florida surrounding the Orlando area. This freeze didn't just destroy the crop for that year, it killed the trees. Before that, you could drive down the Florida Turnpike over hills and see nothing but orange trees. Not now. Citrus in that area didn't recover.
- Ira

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