In praise of Thayer's Aftershave

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In praise of Thayer's Aftershave

Post by Kyle76 »

I had read about this aftershave on the board and finally found it in a local health food store. It comes in a 4-oz. bottle for about $5 (probably much cheaper if you can find it in a discount store -- you know how these health food places are!). It has about 15% alcohol and also has aloe for soothing properties. It has a somewhat bitter scent, but the scent disappears almost immediately, and it does not intefere at all with ASB that I generally finish up with. It's a very nice step immediately after the shave. There's a little burn if you have some irritation, but it quickly goes away and the overall effect is to cool your face. I find I am using it nearly every day. One hint: it has a foil seal over the top and a fairly large opening. On my second bottle, I poked a couple of small holes in the seal with a toothpick, so now it's easier to dispense without getting too much.
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Post by gsgo »

A big + from me on this one!

Thayers After Shave and Medicated Superhazel are both very worthy products. I transferred my Thayers After Shave into an empty after shave bottle which had a shaker, makes dispensing a lot easier.

I like the After Shaves crisp and clean scent and for some reason whenever I use it, it reminds me of the sea coast.

While I have roughly a dozen after shaves in the drawer I will always keep a spot open in the rotation for Thayers.
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Post by TRBeck »

I have a dozen aftershaves, too, mostly bay rum. But those others, all combined, don't get the usage that Thayer's gets. Just a great a/s splash. Interestingly, I have older bottles with a top like the Thayer's witch hazel bottles which are easy to dispense some. Newer bottles just have an open mouth and have a different ingredient list (or rather, the ingredients are in a different order). I haven't used the newer stuff, but I wonder if there was reformulation or just a reconfiguration of how things are listed. I'll post the ingredient lists sometime soon and try the two side by side, one on each cheek.


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Post by CMur12 »

I don't often frequent this forum and I was pleasantly surprised to find this thread.

I use the Thayer "astringents," which are 10% alcohol. These come in Unscented, Lemon, and Peach. This isn't enough alcohol to cause burn - in fact the astringents are very soothing to the skin. I usually mix them with a tiny bit of lather residue for a creamy finish.

One thing I really like about the astringents is that they have no preservatives or questionable ingredients, while the "toners" have methylparaben and propylene glycol.

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Post by n33470 »

Thought I'd throw this link out there if anyone needed more details on Thayer's product line I just noticed that they offer a sample pack, which is a 2 oz bottle of each one of their products.

Nice stuff, inexpensive, long-lasting, and good. How often do you find that combination nowadays!

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Post by never2close »

Thayer's After Shave is the best that I've found, and it's cheap. I rotate everything in my routine except the Thayer's.
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Post by JimT »


Like you, I also only used the Thayer's Lemon Witch Hazel for similar reasons and also because I really like the scent. I haven't used an aftershave in many months now because I haven't needed one, but if I ever use one again, it will only be the Thayer's Lemon Witch Hazel.

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Post by koso »

I love Thayers and rotate between the Original Toner and the Astringent with alcohol depending on the shave (I'll hit an alum block if I get nicks, then rock the Toner, otherwise the Astringent).

Is there any real difference between the Astringent and the After Shave? Seems like a touch more alcohol in the AS might be the extent.

Not that I'm knocking, just observing. I genuflect before the Thayers.
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