Tabac AS Balm

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Tabac AS Balm

Post by tweedcab »

Can anyone, from experience, weigh in on the Tabac AS Balm? I don't hear much about this product, but the few snippets I have read offer praise. Scent descriptions are very subjective so I'm most concerned with the efficacy. Also, how does it go on and absorb?
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Post by Janus »

It was a bit too heavy for me, both on the greasiness and scent department - plus, it irritated my skin so I could not continue using it. FWIW, I much prefer the AS splash.
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Post by fatcity »

I have a tube of the stuff, and I enjoy it. The scent is the same as the soap or AS splash. Also, just like the splash, the scent hangs in there all day.

It is a bit on the greasier side, but if you use a small amount it isn't a problem. I would say it is very similar to T&H balms as far as consistency/viscosity and greasyness. It absorbs quickly.
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Post by jpmac55 »

I like it, too. I haven't noticed it to be too greasy but maybe than is another word for moisturizing?

I like using the same company shaving cream, after shave, balm and cologne whenever I can. Tabac products work good together.
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Post by mme29710 »

I enjoy using this in the winter, really moisturizes my skin after a shave. I do a Tabac A/S splash and then apply the Tabac balm after I get dressed
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