Sensitive skin

What kind of fragrances do you prefer?
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Sensitive skin

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A lot of aftershaves and especially colognes and EdTs eventually cause my skin to get red and itchy and broken out, so that I have to stop using them. One example is Acqua di Parma EdT, which did this after about half a dozen uses recently. However, I've had no trouble at all with Floris or TOBS. I know that everyone is different and YMMV, etc., but can anyone else with sensitive skin recommend some products that they've found to be well tolerated? Thanks.
Al Sapone

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AS balms for sensitive skin, there are tons of them, so many different brands and prices...My personal favorite is a bit greasy, but I put only small amounts of it and it is enough for over 100 shaves.It is a very rare AS Balm with linden extract from Bulgaria, the KARO as blam for sensitive skin.PM me if you cannot find it.Another excellent and cheap as balm that works wonders is the L`oreal men epert Hydra sensitive, this should be easy to find, in my country, it costs 10 US dollars.YMMV, of course.
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