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Can I get your thoughts?

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:30 pm
by SRD
So what are the thoughts regarding Dior Homme?

Re: Can I get your thoughts?

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 8:34 pm
by brothers
Dave, I confess I haven't tried a sample of this one, but just from the description, it sounds like it wouldn't hold my interest. One never knows, though. I'm surprised that some of the gents who are more into the fragrances haven't posted in response to the question.

Re: Can I get your thoughts?

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:04 am
by Bargepole
Ultra-modern, clean, probably spot-on for the young, thrusting, status-conscious Taiwan/HK entrepreneur. Too hygienic for the thirtysomething Frenchman, too much iris for Germans, too urban for Austrians. I imagine it plays well in Luxembourg. Spiky iris with an odd metallic dryout, a bit like sniffing metallic lithium or the nasal scratchiness you get from Ambroxan. The first version was notable for the iris -- either the real, bone-snappingly expensive natural or some new molecule I couldn't identify -- but it got hit with the cheap stick almost immediately after the launch and the fragrance Websites were alive with the howls of dismay, 65% of the howlers being from South/East Asia -- the young bucks with $300 haircuts you see driving around Hong Kong and Taipei in Maseratis which they can never get about 45mph because of the traffic. Crossover with expensive wristwatch collectors is, I'd guess, something like 70%. Bottles of the original formulations -- particularly the Intense version -- were changing hands for silly money. Endless checklists of batch numbers and spigot colours were published and argued over. (The original Dior Homme had a silver-coloured syphon tube; the original Intense had a black one. I can't remember what the revised version had and I can't be bothered to shuffle downstairs and find it.).

So: a high-quality fragrance for young guys who fear skank or "old dude" smells, probably work in FinSec Asia, don't have time for a girlfriend and pretend to like Lagavulin and Tomatin but would actually prefer, secretly, a C3 or a glass of Diplomatico rum. Black leather sofas. Silk pajamas. Imperial Pomade, slightly too much. A bit eighties. They check their iPhones to remind themselves what their taste in music is. Their difficulty is they live in the collision zone between an essentially collectivist culture while wanting awfully much to be individualists. Nice, earnest, well-to-do, polite, serious young guys. Good for them. Hedi Slimane was behind the Dior Homme dyad and did a good job. But not, I think, for SMF men.

Wear it, you won't smell clean. You won't smell of old-school Men. You won't give off a seductive sillage. You will smell faintly... robotic, efficient, autoclaved. The nearest I can get to the *effect* of the stuff is if you imagine Isabelle Doyen's L'Antimatière played through a megaphone so you can get a better idea of what's going on behind that plastic-dolls'-head effect. If you are very disciplined, always well-turned-out, and really secretly would like a crease in your (selvedge, vintage) jeans, it may be just the thing. All utterly subjective but I hope it helps.

Re: Can I get your thoughts?

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:59 pm
by brothers
Ug. Never!