Rooney brushes

What kind of shaving brush do you use? Tell us all about it!
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That looks a lot like the knot on my first generation Emillion.
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Very much a Simpson Polo style handle. Interesting.
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I couldn't agree more. Very interesting.
bernards66 wrote:Very much a Simpson Polo style handle. Interesting.
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Similar but different. The shape of some Plissson, shavemac and Savile Row brushes are much more alike.
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What a storm in a teacup; or is it a Moss Scuttle? Whatever; I've been using a Rooney Finest style 2, size 1 (purchased from Jim) for several years. Without hesitation I say that it is the best (finest?) shaving brush I've ever used and I've been shaving for 45 years. It's better than my Kent, my second favourite brush, and far superior to the Simpsons and Vulfix I've owned; I sold the latter 2 because I wasn't using them after the arrival of my Rooney.
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