One brush...

What kind of shaving brush do you use? Tell us all about it!
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One brush...

Post by rtaylor61 »

Okay gents. I've been away for a while. Too long. I admit that the brush is my favorite part of the shave. I've gone from over 20 brushes down to just a few. What I want to know is one simple thing...regardless of the number of brushes in your stable, what is your one "go to" brush. I don't want to see a list of what you own...just the one brush you would keep if you could only keep one!

Randy (I'll answer later...)
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Post by ZethLent »

Old Simpson Chubby 3 in two band Best badger.
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Post by Sodapopjones »

Probably my Simpson Duke 2 in Best, not because its my favorite, but because something tells me its going to last the longest of all my brushes.
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Post by drP »

Impossible question...impossible answers...
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Post by LookingGlass »

Semogue 1305 - works great for me with soaps and creams.

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Post by Vulfix Old Original »

Why, my Vulfix 2273 Super of course. It travels with me all over the world.
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Post by Whistler »

My T3 2 band super, sheer pleasure to use.

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Post by M6Classic »

I have only one brush, a Plisson #24 HMW set in plexiglass, vintage early '80s, bought NOS in 2005.

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Post by gil3591 »

polo 8 2band
futur/EJ357/ gillette redtip
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Post by function »

Rudy Vey custom with TGN Finest

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Post by paddy »

just one brush - this is an april fool right?
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Post by Crhis »

Kent BK4. It's 'enough'.
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Post by marsos52 »

its my emillion

and i think i will go use it now!!

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Post by Thalay Sagar »

Now that I've gone almost exclusively to soaps, my Alibaba, medium.

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Post by SRD »

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Post by gsgo »

Tough one to call since I seem to be going brushless more and more but if I had to have only one to use for the foreseeable future it would be my Vulfix 374 Super. Versatile, soft but dense and just the right size.
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Post by rsp1202 »

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Post by jww »

LookingGlass wrote:Semogue 1305 - works great for me with soaps and creams.

As much as I love my C&E Super Badger, I have to admit that the 1305 is a wonderful brush -- and the price is right as well! But then, I don't own any "premium brand" badgers -- I might feel different were I to own a Rooney, Kent or Simpson's.

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Post by fallingwickets »

My T3 2 band super, sheer pleasure to use.

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Post by DEF »

My Simpson's 57 "Douglas" -- the custom 57 in two-band super brokered by Phil of BullGoose Shaving. It's hard to imagine a better knot, and I love the handle profile.
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