Stirling Kong vs. Razorock Monster

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Stirling Kong vs. Razorock Monster

Post by pausted » Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:01 pm

I have owned a Stirling Kong synthetic brush for several months and it has become a favorite. It builds lather easily and the Plissoft fibers feel great on my face. I normally bowl lather so the face feel involves only circular and painting applications. I just took delivery of a Razorock Monster. The brushes are virtually identical. Same knot (26x63), same Plissoft fiber, same handle other than the color. The Stirling is black and the Razorock an ivory with darker striations.

After using the Monster fot the last two days, I notice some interesting differences in the two brushes. The Kong holds more water from the initial wetting. I seldom if ever need to add any more water to build the lather. The Monster holds less water on the initial wetting and requires that I add some water while building the lather.

If I use the same amount of cream in the bowl, after building the lather in the bowl, there will be more lather left in the bowl when using the Kong than when using the Monster. The Monster holds more lather in the knot than the Kong.

I guess all of this doesn't really amount to much but I thought I would share my experience with those who might be considering one of these brushes. I really like both brushes and recommend them. Neither of them costs very much and both perform way above their price point. As I have said in other threads, I believe the synthetic brushes benifit from bigger knots.
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