What razor do you use?

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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What razor do you use?

Post by ARenaissanceMan »

This hasn't been posted in a while. Just though we could get a tally going to see which is most razor is most popular.
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Post by McNutt »

Merkur 1904 exclusively
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Post by FiReSTaRT »

1) Taylor's Eye Witness 6/8 FH round point
2) G. Butler 6/8 smiling 6/8 FH spike point
3) The Winner 5/8 FH round point
4) Maleham & Yeoman 6/8 HH spike point
5) Dubl Duck Satinedge (with DOVO stainless satin scales) 5/8 delicate FH spike point
6) DOVO Bismarck (bone scales) 5/8 delicate FH spike point

On the project bench, for any or all of the following factors: cleaning, polishing, re-scaling and honing, I have the following:
1) W. Walker 6/8 smiling wedge
2) Tonsorial Gem 5/8 singer spike point
3) Genco 5/8 singer spike point
4) W&B 6/8 HH spike point

Had a small but hefty traveller DE, given to me by Tony Miller. Gave me good shaves but it lacked the satisfaction of shaving with blades that I personally brought to or maintained in a shave-ready condition, so I sent it off to one of the n00bs from the SRP to convert his brother from fusionism or his gf from venusism.
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Post by kd7kip »

Merkur HD

I've tried others but came back to the HD.

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Gillette President 8)
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Post by bernards66 »

Clark, I have a fair number of razors these days, but I use mainly the 1958 Gillette TV Superspeed. Others I use fairly often are two Schick Injectors, one a late 1940s, and the other, a Type N. Also, a Gillette Long Handle Adjustable.
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Post by yomuppet »

Can't decide between a 40's SS and a 50's red-tip SS... need to get me one of them '58 TV models as a tie-breaker :x

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Post by rtaylor61 »

I'll assume you are looking for a DE:

Merkur HD Classic
Merkur Progress

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Post by JimT »

I prefer my chrome plated Merkur Heavy Duty Classic Straight Bar Razor over my gold plated Merkur Heavy Duty Classic Slant Bar Razor.

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Post by nteeman »

After many years shaving with a Merkur HD Straight Bar, and occasionally using my Merkur Vision (great results but I don't like shaving with it) I have switched over to my Gillette camp of razors. In my current rotation I have a 1960 Fat Boy adjustable, a 1967 Slim Handle and a non-dated Super Speed (pobalbly late 1940's - early 1950's). I use each for a week and change razors when I change the blade. The adjustables are very similar(I use a setting of 3) with the Fat Boy being slightly more aggressive. The Super Speed is a little more aggressive than the adustables. I have been getting great shaves with all of the Gillettes. :D

PS--blade I use is the Israeli no-name blade.
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Post by Ben »

Here are the razors I use:


Razors listed in red have been sold.

First row, from left: Gillette HD, Gillette HD, Gillette HD, Gillette HD, Gillette Superspeed, Gillette Superspeed

Second row, from left: Gillette HD Superspeed, Gillette Rocket, Gillette Rocket, Gillette Ranger Tech, Gillette Slimboy, Stahly Live Blade

Third row, from left: Gillette travel razor, Radimi, Gillette Executive, Gillette open-comb Aristocrat, Gillette Aristocrat No. 66, Gillette President


I still have all of these but will probably sell the ones listed in blue in the near future.

The left column, from top to bottom: Wade & Butcher 7/8 meatchopper with bone scales, Wade & Butcher 5/8 hollow ground, Bengall 5/8, Eickhoff N.Y. 5/8, Engstrom (Eskilstuna, Sweden) 5/8 with horn scales, and the one at the very bottom between the columns is a Tornblom (Eskilstuna, Sweden) 4/8.

The right column, from top to bottom: Joseph Elliot 11/16 with bone scales, Wostenholm 5/8, Wostenholm 9/16, Geneva Cutlery "Genco" 5/8, and Geneva Cutlery 5/8.
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Post by Darkwolf »

Face, everyday razor is a Futur.

Head, that I am still working on...I really like injectors for headshaving. However I have a bunch of "good" DE blades that work well for shaving hair, but aren't up to snuff (read Feather) for my beard. So I have been expermenting...

Futur - incredibly close shave, but any imperfections on my scalp result in a nick.
Progress - Good closenes, less likely to nick, but short handle makes shaving more difficult.
Gillette Slim Adjustable - No nicks, but closeness is wanting at any setting.

These are the front runners so far, have already eliminated Krona (too light, no advantage over Slim Adj), and SS's from contention. Cartidges work well for my scalp, but I am not supporting Gillette and I only purchase injector blades from Schick.

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Post by Cigar Dan »

It varies, but depending on my mood, I generally shave with one of the following razors:
  • Gillette 40's Super Speed
    Gillette Rocket (fat handle)
    Wilkinson Sword Razor (Sticky)
    Merkur HD
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1912 Ever-Ready SE

Post by lux »

Hello fellow wet shavers,

Undoubtedly the best is the 1912 Ever-Ready SE with teflon-coated, stainless steel GEM blades. It superbly combines closeness, comfort and smoothness and is suitable for head shaving as well as face.

See the thread here:


Occasionally I shave with other razors just for fun and interest. My Gillette DE experience is slight to date. Among DEs, Merkur HD and Merkur Progress are IMHE fine all-round razors.

Kind regards,

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Post by slcsteve »

First choice is old Merkur HD w/feather than:

Gillette 40's Superspeed (close 2nd)
Gillette adjustable's long and short
Older Schick bakelite injector
A few older Open comb Gillettes
Gillette pre-war Milord

Had a Coles slant but sold it, bought a new Merkur slant but the decline in the quality from the Coles/Merkur) prompted me to sell it.
Had a Vision but found it totally unnecessary and it had monumental quality issues. It struck me as re-inventing the wheel.

I find that a quality non-adjustable provides me with the best and easiest shaves. If I were a razor collector my perspective would undoubtedly be different. I do collect brushes though.

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Post by With The Grain »

trying to only list a few:
DE's- 40's SS, NEW, Star DE
SE's- GEM G-bar, type G injector
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Post by Bob »

1958 Gillette TV SuperSpeed
1940s Gillette SuperSpeed

I suppose I should try an open-comb or something, but I'm not that motivated at the moment.
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Post by ichabod »

Single edge all the way for me.
GEM - Micromatic taper handle or Contour, with dog's bollocks blades.
Injector - PAL adjustable or NWC sinjector adjustable.
Occasionally a J3 with a cut down feather blade for blade buffing.

I haven't used a DE in weeks.
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Post by MOSES »

Either Gillette #66 or old school injector.
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Post by jfrancisco »

Feather AC with SuperPro Blades
1940s Aristocrat with Feather Blades
Gem Micromatic with DB Blades
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