Derby Blades, A Review

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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Re: Derby Blades, A Review

Post by brothers »

Someone sent me a pack of the Premiums a while back, but I was using other blades at the time and gave them to my son. He's been using the Extra Derbys for years, and he's not really particular about blades. After he used a couple of them he told me they were OK, and maybe if he ever runs out of Derbys he might order some Premiums.

I have read a lot of reviews from guys on forums regarding the Premiums. I see a lot of positives. They are saying words such as: sharp, smooth, excellent, inexpensive, etc. I suspect there are some SMF guys that would love to send you a few Premiums to try if they have them to spare.
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Re: Derby Blades, A Review

Post by Rufust445 »

After years of trying vintage Gillettes, Schick Krona, and Lords, I've settled on two current design razors
that work better for me: Dorco PL602 and Razorock DE1 (a.k.a Baili 171).

After getting good results with Treet Blue Special/Black Beauties in the DE1,
I noticed a pack of Derby Extras sitting on a shelf staring at me. This blade
has been quite serviceable for me in the DE1. In vintage Gillettes, it was
way too rough.

The 7 o'clock yellow was a bit rough for me in vintage Gillettes, but in the
Dorco PL 602, it is shaving nirvana.
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Re: Derby Blades, A Review

Post by Julius_Rodman »

After neglecting Derbys for years I decide to open the seal on a 5-pack (there are a dozen or so packs in the closet).

Quite pleased, I have gone with using one side of the blade until it surrenders, then using the other, I'm 5 days out of one side with good shaves each day.
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Re: Derby Blades, A Review

Post by Z-2 »

Derby Extra (vertical) are one of my goto blades. They are cheap enough and work fine in most of my razors.
I also tried Premium, which are even slightly better, and I believe Ursa are also OK. As always YMMV :)
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