Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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so guys, what's the skinny on schick injectors. pros and cons. adjustable vs. non-adjustable can you still get blades readily? they seem to be light weight? how would they compare to a merkur futur?
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Post by yohannrjm »

I have a Futur and a Schick Protector as well as a Pal adjustable injector. I've never had a non-adjustable injector.

First, you can get blades quite easily. CVS carries them around the US, and they're also available online. You can even get Ted Pellas, but the CVS Personna clones are very good.
There aren't as many varieties of blades available as you'd find for DE blades, so this could be regarded as a 'con'. Blades also tend to be more expensive than most DE blades.
The blades are quite stiff, and seem to shave analogously to SE blades.

The adjustables I have are quite substantial razors. They're not 'Futur' heavy, but they're around the weight of an adjustable TTO (I haven't weighed them, I'm going off feel here). The non-adjustables are lighter.

The adjusting mechanism is very simple (the guard moves away from the blade), so there's little to go mechanically wrong with it. The razors are nimble around the face and give me a good shave.

I like using them, but there's one drawback: These razors remind me of single blade cartridge razors. That's not a knock on their effectiveness, just the aesthetics.

I find that I don't use the injectors much, but when I do I always get a very good shave.
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Post by desertbadger »

I have several Injectors, both Schick and PAL, adjustable and straight head, some of which I've had since the mid 1960's. To sum it up in a nutshell, they are superb shavers, period. They will shave you as close as you like, handle like a sports car, are fun to shave with, and there really isn't a learning curve with them, per se. You just shave with them!
Now that we have the Chinese Schick blades, it has breathed new life into the razors.
Comparing the Futur to one of the Injectors is like comparing apples to oranges. They're a different animal altogether. The Injector while much lighter in weight compared to most DE, because of the head design holds the blade in a more "stiff" manner. As a result, it simply cuts the whiskers in a very businesslike manner. The angle of the head of the razor to your face is not nearly as critical as with a DE. No muss, fuss; like I said, they just shave you! I, for one, am so glad that I held onto them. With an excellent stock of NOS Schick Platinum, Personna 74's and the aforementioned Chinese Schicks, the future of the Injector looks secure, at least in my lifetime.
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Post by CK »

I just saw some schick injectors in a new pharmacy that opened up near me. From the sound of it I should try them out in my grandfather's old injector which I have only used once with a double blade that ate my face
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Post by Pauldog »

Make sure that razor is aligned all right and doesn't have a super high blade exposure. And make sure it holds the blade very tight. Old injectors, like any old razors, are sometimes too worn out or damaged to work right.
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Post by bernards66 »

Gil, I think you could make a cogent arguement ( and I have ) that the Schick Injector was the overall best mass produced shaving instrument ever made, especially the later models. I say this because they shave as well as a DE, yet are much easier to learn to use optimally...having almost no learning curve for most shavers, and are more maneuverable and percise in tight areas. Also, the blade being thicker and rigid, they are often a boon to gents with heavy or kinky beards, and/or those with more sensitive skin. I used a basic Type N2 daily during that period after the demise of the UK Wilkinsons, but before I discovered the Swedes. But I was using the old, US made, blades. When Energizer bought the brand and moved the blade manufacturing to Germany, the quality fell off sharply. The ASR versions ( which includes store brands and Ted Pella ) were okay, but it really wasn't the same shave, and they tended not to load properly into my Type N in any case. However, there are now Chinese made Schick Injector blades that while not quite as good as the old US ones, are better than anything I've seen since. The razors themselves do not have the satisfying solid feel of an old Gillette DE or a Merkur, and look rather utilitarian....but they shave superbly if you have a good blade.
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Post by Squire »

Gil they are very different from the Futur, more akin to the old Single edge razors or the modern Bics. The one I used in law school back in the 70s was non adjustable and near bullet proof when it came to getting a simple, easy shave. The only drawback is the lack of good blades.
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Post by Reverend Jim »

I read somewhere (probably here) thaat there was a current Shick Injector being made in Japan. I looked around for it on the web with no success.
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Post by Tye »

Reverend Jim wrote:I read somewhere (probably here) thaat there was a current Shick Injector being made in Japan. I looked around for it on the web with no success.
It's the type 'O'. I have one and really like it. It gives a nice, comfortable shave.

Looks like they were discontinued in 2001. Nationwide made a clone of the M type adjustable and the O, but in my opinion both were really poor substitutes for the originals. As for the O's, sometimes they pop up on the 'Bay. There was one there a couple of weeks ago with a BIN of $89.95.

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