Any one else shave with just one side of the razor?

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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Any one else shave with just one side of the razor?

Post by Greenhouse »

I think I've seen this mentioned in the past, but I couldn't find anything when I searched. So forgive me if this has already been discussed.

When using a double-edged razor, I have always used only one side for each shave. For example, I might put in a fresh blade on Sunday, and use the same side (edge) of the razor for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Then, I use the other side for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I seem to recall others saying they use both sides of the razor during every shave, but that has never seemed natural to me -- I tend to forget to turn the razor over to the other side during the shave. I feel like I'm not wearing down both edges consistently.

In addition, one side of my 38C seems to give a slightly smoother shave than the other. So, what I've been doing lately is this: shaving for three days with the smoother side, then rotating the blade and continuing to shave with that same side for three more days. So, essentially, using the same side of the razor all the time, but rotating the blade after three days to get the new edge.

I'm just curious if anyone else does this. I'm sure I could learn to use both edges during every shave if there's a benefit I haven't thought of.

- Greenhouse.
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Post by Tucker »

Interesting, I can't keep track after I rinse the head, as I am focused on too many other things. I like to flip it after the first pass and rinse after the two passes once both sides have been used. I do have some vintage TTO's where they have been presumably dropped by their previous owners rendering one side usable and the other warped. However, vintage Gillette Super Speeds have been easy to acquire "in the wilds," and life is too short to use a damaged one.
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Post by LookingGlass »

Repeat after me......

Shave, rinse, turn, shave, rinse turn, shave, rinse, turn...........

My technique but I really don't think much will happen if I miss a turn. :roll: :roll:

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Post by marsos52 »

this is so funny,, please forgive me for saying that...

first off,, how can you know which side of the razor you used the day before ???

there are both identical looking..

when the side im shaving with gets filled with lather, just simple go to the other side.. when its full with lather.. time to rinse.. and start clean..

this saves time and water too..

if one side of the razor shaves you differently, there may be a problem with the razor or the blade is not seated properly

thats my take
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Post by brothers »

I never keep track.
Edited to add: During any given shave I'm on all sides of the razor with wild abandon, so I'm not any support for the plan.
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Post by gil3591 »

greenhouse, i'm afraid your method would take too much mental effort in the morning. i would have to engrave M-T-W- on one side of the head and R-F-S on the other. but then, what to do about sunday?? :roll:
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Post by Greenhouse »

Well, I guess I've been doing it wrong...

Actually, keeping track of which side you're using is pretty easy -- one side has the Merkur logo and the other does not (although that depends on the razor). Also, if you're not used to flipping it over from one side to the other, you just never do -- whatever you get used to. In fact, I set the razor down on the counter in the same orientation after every shave. When I pick it up the next day, the "current" side is facing me, ready to go.

However, in the interest of broadening my shaving horizons and taking it to the next level, I will try really hard tomorrow to use both sides of the razor during the shave.

We'll see how it goes. Thanks for all the input.

- Greenhouse.
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Post by Greenhouse »

Marc - I don't think it's a problem with the razor. The difference between the sides is very subtle (and possibly even imagined). There was a thread on the forum a couple of years ago where other members noticed that the two sides of a DE often had slightly different shaving characteristics. That's when I started paying attention to the difference between sides. As I said, it might be all in my head.

- Greenhouse
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Post by JarmoP »

I have this 66 Super Speed I made a bit too mild on one side with a screwdriver operation. So I did mark the side with a sticking pencil. And use for my upper lip or used. It is still an ok razor but shaving I could not care less which side I am using. :)

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Post by bernards66 »

Greenhouse, I've been shaving with a DE for over 45 years and have always just flipped the head over as I shaved then rinse both edges and continue. It's the way I learned and it becomes automatic after a bit; I don't think about it. Both edges get used pretty equally I reckon. This, I'm sure, is the way most DE shavers do it, but hey, whatever works for you.
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Post by GregPQ »

This thread interests me because I have recently changed my technique to where I now use just one side of my Slant. The next day I will also use just one side, maybe a different side, maybe the same. So far I haven't figured out how to tell sides apart in a Slant.

It seems to help my technique. There is no in-shave adjustment I would otherwise have to make with respect to angle, if I were actively using both sides.

I am finding that it makes a big difference.

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Post by Greenhouse »

Greg - Finally, a glimmer of hope that I'm not alone! It is hard to tell the sides apart on the slant because the whole head removes from the handle when you replace the blade. On the 38C, the head is fixed relative to the handle (only the top of the head is removed to replace the blade), so it's easy to look at the handle and know which side you're using.

Gordon - Even though it's been working for me, I am sure that most people use both sides for a good reason. Even if they don't understand why (i.e., just learned to do it that way from their fathers), it seems to have evolved as the favored technique. That's the nice thing about a forum like this -- you can benefit from the collective wisdom that's been passed down to many people in different parts of the world.

Anyway, I'm gonna give it a shot this morning when I shave. I'll have to think about it at first, until it becomes automatic.

- Greenhouse
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Post by SRD »

brothers wrote:I never keep track.
Edited to add: During any given shave I'm on all sides of the razor with wild abandon, so I'm not any support for the plan.
I am not nearly smart enough to keep up with this. :lol: Sometimes I even find myself flipping the razor when I am shaving with a single edge razor. Can't cut many whiskers that way.
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Reverend Jim
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Post by Reverend Jim »

I have to make myself shave with both sides. After so many years using carts, I was used to shaving until I filled up with goo and then rinsing. It was a hard habit to break but I did. Now it is shave and fill up then flip and fill up again then rinse. I can't go back.
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Post by Greenhouse »

Rev Jim - Yes, that was me this morning. I had to consciously make myself flip the razor. But all went well. It'll take a while to become automatic though, I'm sure.

- Greenhouse
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Post by joe mcclaine »

I start my shave with whiskers on my face and end the shave by watching them go down the plug 'ole.

What happens in between, it's witchcraft, I tells yer.

Counting strokes, passes, turning and marking razors, flipping blades. All too complicated for me.
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Post by SmallTank »

SE blades were meant to be used on one side..DE razors were meant for both..straight razors..well...these are in a league of their own 8)

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Post by Greenhouse »

ST - Yep, I'm working on it. I'm convinced that in a month or so I'll be flipping the razor without even thinking about it. I guess I was just too used to the old cartridges I used (6-7 years ago now).

No plans to try a straight razor yet. I've been tempted a couple of times to get out my grandfather's straight (sitting dormant since he passed away in 1973) and see what I could do, but I just haven't had the nerve. Maybe one day...

- Greenhouse
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Post by Dale »

Yes, sir, I use one side at a time. Don't really know how I got started doing it that way.
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Post by Greenhouse »

Dale, you and I are in the minority it seems.
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