A recent test drive of a prototype DE.

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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A recent test drive of a prototype DE.

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My barber (Troy) is working on his own midwest shaving empire. Among other things, he's developing his own DE razors, and asked me to to test an 'aggressive' razor prototype for him. I took no pictures due to confidentiality concerns. The razor is a three piece open comb DE. Handle is a magnificent piece that has mirror finished sharp edged 3/16" square facets covering it. It has to be seen to be believed. Think 'disco ball' surface. Whatever the initial impressions, it is very hand-friendly in use. The head had a blade exposure similar to my new Muhle R41, and has very fine fit and finish. It gave as close a shave as the R41, but was somewhat 'harsher' even with the same blade swapped between razors. It seemed to me that the difference was that the R41 had a flatter blade presentation than the more curved head of the prototype. Troy told me that the one constant in his prototype reviews was that the handle finish is unique and superb. I eagerly await the second series of prototypes. The final version will be available to the public.

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Sounds very interesting, but I'd encourage him to offer a milder version as well.
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Pauldog wrote:Sounds very interesting, but I'd encourage him to offer a milder version as well.
This suggestion should be given strong consideration. An example would be the Feather SS. I don't have one, but it has received many positive reactions here. More than the Muhle R41, obviously.

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