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Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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Pauldog wrote:I'm pretty sure all stainless blades have a teflon coating, because otherwise they would be very harsh.
I'm not so sure. If that was the case then places like Ted Pella wouldn't have 2 distinct items, one coated & one not.
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Given modern marketing, you can be sure that any perceived difference would be emphasized as an asset. "Lubricated with pure organic hummingbird earwax" or some such drivel.

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Pauldog, Ted Pella doesn't market them as SE blades for shaving. He sells medical/lab blades and lab specimens don't complain. We find they are great for shaving, but he never mentions that. He sells other SE blades but the ones I mentioned are the shaving blades since they are the sharpest and coated.

The other outfit is also a medical/lab blade supplier.

Sharpspine, Yup, my favorite SE blade as well. I like the CVS and Rite-Aid blades too (carbon steel) I just don't like the extra maintenace to keep 'em from rusting. I can say truthfully that I've never used a bad SE blade. I know better than to use a hardware store blade and never have.
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