The Best Blades??

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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While I am very satisfied with the Personna Prep blade, and have no reason to stop considering it my all time favorite, I still like to compare it to the ones who other guys seem to like every so often just to keep my hand in the game. So far I've brought in Polsilvers and blue pack Russian 7 O'Clocks to compare to the Personnas, and the Gillettes are right up there in terms of smoothness and longevity. I had bad luck with the Polsilvers. Next one to compare is the Perma Sharp.

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Rick doesn't specify blades that are in current production so I would say that my favorite DE blade is the Schick Plus Platinum and my favorite injector blade is also the Schick Plus Platinum.

In the vintage category many rate the P74 higher but I don't think they are as smooth and friendly on the first shave as the Schick PP. When I came here to SMF and learned to use the DE razor I basically accepted that I had to shave strictly WTG in order to avoid ingrowns but the SPP lets me finish with a nice ATG pass which gets me nearly to BBS every time.

In second place is the GPP, the P74 is third and The Spoiler (GSS) is fourth.

I haven't had luck with current production blades. I can get an acceptable shave with a red-wrapped Personna Platinum but have to stick to WTG passes.
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right now for me it's Feather (in a Feather AS razor).
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If anyones interested SI's for sale but the price is too steep for me. ... 337327534a
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My favourite are the Solingen Wilkinson Swords :D
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