The razors you like/use the most?

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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John N.
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The razors you like/use the most?

Post by John N. »

I have been shaving for longer than I like to think about, and I have finally come to the conclusion that I have four razors that answer the above question for me.
They are, in no special order:
Gillette SS Red Tip from 1959
Merkur Futur matte finish
Cobra Classic
Schick adjustable injector M3
I use other razors from time to time (Goodfella in the shower, cart. for when I fly, Gem SE when I'm in the mood etc.), but the above four have been part of my permanent rotation for a while now. I assume others have had a similar "settling" experience, and I would be interested in your choices.
John N.
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Post by rsp1202 »

I've settled on injectors* because, in my experience, the thicker blade cuts closer with less irritation than the thinner DE blade. But I also keep a Krona on hand just in case all the injector blade choices dry up.

*Just got a NOS Schick Type N2 and gorgeous M1 adjustable I haven't had a chance to use yet. I was outbid on eBay on a Type O by 99 cents due to my own stupidity.
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Post by vtmax »

I have been using the Feather AS these days but always loved the new Edwin Jagger cutting heads from a couple of years ago. A package from Phil delivered just that and an Ikon Bulldog handle. Yes yes new relationship excitement but a winning combo all around.

1.) Ikon Bulldog Handle & EJ DE 89.....Wonderful stainless steel handle, short Merkur HD length which feels even better in the hand than the Feather AS.

2.) Feather All Stainless
3.) Gillette 58
4.) Gillette (slim) Gold Aristocrat
5.) Late 40's Super Speeds for travel

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Clive the Thumb
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Post by fallingwickets »

mekur hd

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Post by jww »

Pretty much anything that's vintage Gillette from about the mid 40s to when they stopped manufacturing them in 1970-ish.

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Post by Shave4Fun »

1. 1947 Super-Speed
2. Merkur 37c - "slant"
3. 1959 Super-Speed
4. 1940s Tech with triangular slots and plastic handle
5. 1930s Long tooth NEW with ball handle
6. BIC Sensitive single blade in the shower
7. 1940s Schick (not Eversharp) injector


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Post by m3m0ryleak »

I've taken to the Progress XL (set 2 ~ 3) exclusively (at least until I get my lazy butt to the P.O. and mail my Mergress to Mark for a tune up). I like the heft and the handle length. There's something to be said for muscle memory as well.

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Post by celar36 »

Gillette Rocket 1962

I will see how SS from 1948 will work when arrives :D
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Post by glassmtn »

In the last year, in order:

1. Lord Premium L6 head on a Merkur 33c handle.
2. Futur
3. Merkur 1904 Model 42 Safety Bar
4. BRW Gillette NEW (short toothed) with custom handle.

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Post by desertbadger »

Schick Injectors
Cobra Classic

Gotta have the "Fat"!
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Post by Rufust445 »

Gillette adjustables:

Supers at home (O2, P1)

Slim (I3) for surface travel, because it fits nicely in a soap container.

Schick twin blade disposables for air travel.
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Post by ShadowsDad »

The list of what I like is too long but I can boil it down.

I like aggressive razors, if they have sound effects while they do their job, that's even better. I can use something as mild as a '50s SS, but more aggressive turns the razor into something I actually enjoy. The Old, a Slim set to 9, the Muhle R41, The OCMM in SE, or a Shovelhead, there are so many. I won't list them all. The R41 and the SE razors have sound effects, and sound makes them better IMO.

What I really don't care for are mild razors. The Tech is used only to test blades, and I really dislike the shave I get from it. My first DE razor, a black handle SS is also too mild. Sure they get the job done, but I really don't like the lack of closeness I get with them. They just deliver a shave, but they're no fun, and I know the shave won't last long; half as long as the closer shave from the more aggressive razor.

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Post by kronos9 »

1. Gillette 40s Super Speed
2. Gillette Z3 Super Speed
3. Gillette '47 Aristocrat
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Post by marsos52 »

i started with a hoffritz slant in the 70's. and only shaved with that razor till 1999 area, too bad to get lost. loved that thing.

then i bought a futur and i onlly used that razor for solely till i joined smf

i got the razor bug and started trying all the razors i heard about from vintage to state of the art razors.

many i enjoyed but i found the futur is the razor for me and i did also find
the merkur barberpole my other goto.

very happy with them period
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Post by Araner »

The Gillette New Deluxe with a Feather blade has become my old faithful combination.

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Post by SRD »

Most all of the vintage Gillettes and the Schick Injector E's.
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Post by churchilllafemme »

I've tried Merkurs, iKons, Pils, and vintage Gillettes - as well as lot of single edge razors - but I've settled now on a Feather AS and a Wilkinson Sticky primarily as my favorites.
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Post by Dale »

In no particular order:

Merkur Futur
Feather All Stainless
Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Barley
Gillette Fatboy

The EJ sees the most use.
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Post by gil3591 »

i've tried a ton of razors and have settled on a progress for a m-f shave and then the weekends i use a dr harris muhle with a long handle . progress gets an iridium and the harris gets an israeli blue personna
futur/EJ357/ gillette redtip
iridium ,blue IP
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Post by Nitrox »

I've tried many razors in the past. Currently I like:

Muhle R41
Muhle R89
Merkur 37c slant
Gillette SS, can't be bothered to check the date right now.

Those two Muhles give the closest shaves and surprisingly are very smooth. My shave lasts the longest into the next day with those two.
The R41 is one razor that I can't wait to use since it gives me the most pleasing shave.

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