The razors you like/use the most?

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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Post by Squire »

Gillette Super, Jagger Chatsworth, Schick Krona and Futur.
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Post by changabang »

1. original iKon deluxe cc bulldog
2. weber two tone dlc
3. '46-47 gillette aristocrat
4. schick m-2 adjustable, circa mid sixties
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Post by Jonnieboy61 »

My top 3 which i rotate regularly

55 English HD Rocket
50's Superspeed Red Tip
40's Aristocrat
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Post by alcx77 »

Super Speed, Futur, Contour 2 SE and M13 Shick Injector. :o
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Post by nteeman »

This is my current rotation. There is no significance to the order.

BRW Bull Mastiff Deluxe XL/Short Comb NEW Head
BRW Bull Mastiff XL/Gillette Tech Head
iKon OSS
iKon Long Handle Open Comb
Mühle R89
Weber DLC
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Favorite razor

Post by nelson »

Six years ago, almost to the day, I bought a couple of L1 Schick injector razors NOS in sealed cans. I've opened one can and have used that razor almost exclusively ever since. The second can is still unopened in my linen closet; I won't open it until I either break or lose the one I'm using. Maybe some other version of the Schick injector razor would please me more, but I'm too happy with what I have to experiment with anything else at this time.

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Post by Squire »

Nelson, 'happy with what I have' is as good a recommendation as any.
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Post by brothers »

Currently my favorites are

7 selected straight razors
Cobra Classic
Gillette Big Boy Deluxe
Barbasol floating head
Gillette New Standard head (Tuckaway) w/ BBW Travertine handle.

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Post by ThePossum »

'06 Elite GEM Jr SE with lather catcher head
'07 GEM Jr Bar SE razor with lather catcher head and wooden handle
'48 Eversharp-Schick G1 Injector
'73 Stick Shick Injector
Gillette NEW open comb DE

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Post by ScottB »

The safety razor that is getting used far more than any others is the EJ89L. I like the EJ head so much that I'm considering purchasing a Chatsworth Barley.

If I've skipped shaving over the weekend I do like my 1918 Khaki Old Type on Monday morning. Its very good with a few days growth.

My razors that sit unused are a 1960 D1 Toggle, a 1963 I3 Slim Adjustable and a Merkur Vision. They're just taking up space at this point.
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Post by CMur12 »

I only shave my neck and I have very sensitive skin, so I really need to use a mild razor. In fact, my skin is so sensitive that I use a mild razor and I only shave three times a week.

1. Gillette Tech
2. iKon Bulldog with safety bars (a Tech with momentum)
3. Feather All-Stainless
4. Edwin Jagger
5. Weber DLC or ARC with bulldog handle

I have used an Edwin Jagger razor for most of the last two years, as I was looking for something a little more aggressive than a Tech. The wider blade gap makes it easier to follow some contours of my neck, as the blade angle isn't as critical. Otherwise, I can get just as close a shave with the Tech. The Weber is a little more aggressive than the Edwin Jagger.

The problem with the Edwin Jagger is that my neck was always red, even though it wasn't sore, so I've gone back to the milder razors, such as the Tech and iKon Bulldog with safety bars. This would be a good time to get to know the Feather All-Stainless better, too.

I'll try using an Edwin Jagger or Weber for my final shave of the week, after which I skip two days before the next shave.

- Murray
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Post by styptic screams »

I haven't been spending a whole lot of time with the daily ritual lately...

Mostly now using:
  • · black long-handled Gillette Super Adjustable (Feather blade)
    · Schick FX Diamond (Schick FX Diamond cartridge)
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Post by ateace »

The Merkur HD has been the anchor in my light rotation.
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Post by LouisIII »

Muhle R41 (circa 2009), every day of the year.

In the past I used a Merkur Slant daily for about a year, so I suppose they're my two favourites.
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Post by razorX »

Gillette Old (pre 1921 thin cap version) iKon Bulldog handle
- Mild to wild,easiest razor to use for trimming around the edges of a goatee.

iKon OSS
- My main razor... I get full use of OC & CC sides,the handle's amazingly comfortable,quite "grippy" almost as if "velcro'ed" to my fingers.Rips out a comfortable fast shave even when I'm running late and barely awake.
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Post by Squire »

Hello razorx, welcome aboard.
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Post by DavidB »

My go-to DE is a Gillette fat handle Tech, but I also enjoy:

Gillette Aristocrat ('40s)
Gillette SuperSpeed black tip ('51)
Gillette SuperSpeed flare tip ('59)

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Post by razorX »

Squire wrote:Hello razorx, welcome aboard.
Thank Ya Sir,good to be here...
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Post by LookingGlass »

My favorites:

All vintage Gillettes:

Superspeed Adjustable (the one with the long black handle)
Cavalcade TV Special

Take care,
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Post by Flash G »

I'm tied betwixt the Edwin Jagger DE86 and Futur. Two different razors that give me very good shaves with my favourite blade: Wilkinson Sword
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