Gillette Aristocrat Safety Razor

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Gillette Aristocrat Safety Razor

Post by Spenser »

Would as many of you who would like to look at this razor and give me an opinion on the condition please do so.

Item # on eBay : 271140908308

Its called "Good Used Condition" and probably meets that eBay definition but seems kinda rough to me. Starting bid is $10.

I am interested, but if you want to go for it don't let that hold you back. All is fair in love, war, and eBay, :wink:
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Post by jww »

As much as I would love a gold aristocrat, I will definitely be passing on this. I'd say it's pretty rough looking. Probably not been used much in ages. The case is quite nice, so if it goes for $20 it may well be worth it for the case alone. ymmv.

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Post by Hoos »

There is a lot of plating loss, scratches, and some rust spots.

If you're looking for an Aristocrat to shave with, ask the seller how well it operates (open and closes smoothly), whether the butterfly doors close tightly, and whether the doors are warped or out of alignment. If it's in solid operating condition, it might be worth $10 for a daily shaver.

From a collecting point of view, it's pretty worthless - poor condition for both the razor and the case.
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