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Parker Variant Adjustable Razor

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Parker Variant Adjustable Razor

Postby Tucker » Sun Dec 11, 2016 7:15 am

I received the chrome version of the initial release of this razor. My first impression was that the quality control on the head is not that great. There is a T shaped part that the top cap screws into. The side that has the notch is higher than the other side which causes a very slight asymmetry of the blade gap. I'm not going to send it back, but I was disappointed for the $57 price point. I used a Feather Blade on the mildest setting. I got a decent shave about like a Rockwell R2 or a Slim set on 3. It was mild, but very efficient.

I chose the mildest setting (it was tightened all of the way) to attempt to minimize the asymmetry of the blade gap, but it was still present. Maybe, this is Parker's first Adjustable Slant Razor, LOL? I am a fan boy of new razor introductions, but this one was a miss for me. The tolerances look a little crude. The handle was well executed, but the head parts looked rough. I am going to keep it though. I would have been happy to pay more than $57 to have one that was spot on. Maybe this is a lesson not to go for the first batch.
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