OCtober 2017

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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OCtober 2017

Post by jar » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:30 am

The Month in Review:

This month was a series of comparison pairings with Open Comb razors that was broken into two parts. In the first Phase five Gillette OCs were paired with five newer OCs. Surprisingly, the newer razors actually came out on top in three of the five pairings.


The first phase:
  • RazoRock Old Type vs a 1918 made Gillette Old Style and the RR was significantly more comfortable and more efficient.
  • Merkur 1904 vs Gillette No Date Code No Serial number Old Style and they were really close but the Gillette just slightly better.
  • Merkur 25C vs Gillette New LC; this pair were so close it was just the Gillette still showing original gold plating that made it the winner.
  • Fatip Grande vs Gillette New SC and the Fatip Grande was significantly more comfortable with the same shave result.
  • Finally an ATT S2 vs a Gillette Sheraton where surprisingly the S2 was more efficient than the Sheraton.
The second phase:

In the second phase the best from the first phase were pitted against five different OC razors as well as different blade formats and three additional OC razors added at the end.

  • The RazoRock Old Type against a different 1918 made Gillette Old Style and again, the RR rocked.
  • The No date code Gillette Old Type vs a GEM MMOC; close but the Gillette was more comfortable.
  • The Gillette LC vs a Durham Duplex and surprisingly the Durham Duplex was much more comfortable and as efficient.
  • The Fatip Grande vs a Valet AutoStrop VC1 with a despined GEM blade; close again but the Fatip slightly better.
  • This is actually a trilogy with an ATT S2 vs ATTSE2 with a Feather AC blade & a R2 with the same blade that was in the S2; of the three the S2 was by far the most comfortable.
  • The final two were a Fatip Piccolo and one of my Rolls Razors and again those were pretty close.
So that was OCtober 2017.

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Re: OCtober 2017

Post by fallingwickets » Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:00 am

Thanks a ton for the post and for sharing your observations....very much appreciated

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Re: OCtober 2017

Post by brothers » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:30 pm

I am not surprised that the newly manufactured razors are as good or better than their vintage predecessors. Proof that plastic disposables and cartridges haven't yet succeeded in their desire to completely take over the shaving world.

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Re: OCtober 2017

Post by blantyre » Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:40 am

Partly as a result of participating in the OCtober event, I ended up buying a Timeless OC in titanium. The 0.95 mm gap gives a very clean but not overly aggressive shave. The modern razors do seem to be very well designed and constructed. While this comes at a price ( just over $200 for cap and plate only for the Timeless) they really do seem to be better performers than most of the vintage ones. I suppose it would be pretty bad if the new razors were not as good as those from 50+ years ago. They benefit from CAD, better materials and lots of experience. That said there are no blades made today that compare to some on the old ones in terms of useful life - clearly modern blades do not use the best available materials for the job - if they did, they would simply stay sharp for too long to be commercially viable. Then again, would you pay $5-6 per blade if each one lasted a month or more?

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