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Focus R48 Dynamic SE Razor

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:54 am
by Pauldog
I stumbled on this razor at a store website

It got one mention in this forum before, with a very brief description. It's a pivoting razor that uses a broken-in-half DE blade. Videos on the store website explain that you need to press the upper part of the razor to your face and glide it around. If you try to use it by your usual habits, it will give you an unpleasant shave.

Has anyone tried this? I'm curious, but the entry fee for a new one is over $50. One barely used one sold on eBay recently for $25, but there aren't any there right now, new or used.

Re: Focus R48 Dynamic SE Razor

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:25 am
by brothers
I have always liked and respected Jared (check my spelling) for the way he organizes and explains his website and products. He's an honest vendor. After reading his comments I am quite open to trying out this R48 if only there was a way to try it without first buying it.

Re: Focus R48 Dynamic SE Razor

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:12 pm
by Pauldog
That's why I prefer buying used razors (rather than new) in good shape - they're usually easy to resell for about what I paid for them.

There's not just RAD - Razor Acquisition Disorder. There's also RDR - Razor Divestment Regret. I bought a used Merkur Progress quite a few years ago, then sold it a short time later, and now recently bought one again, because I had no recollection of what the shave was like, and thought that it would be an especially respectable (and affordable) piece of hardware to have, plastic adjustment knob or not.

I noticed on another shaving forum that they pass around stuff to try. If I remember right, one person owns it, and then passes it on to the next person, who passes it on, and so on, until it gets back to the owner. I can think of two loose ends, though - reimbursing the owner for shipping cost, and what to do if the razor gets lost in the mail.

Re: Focus R48 Dynamic SE Razor

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:33 am
by Tucker
Yes, I have the raw aluminum version, and ordered from the Superior Shave. It is a nice razor with a pivot. I have only used it with Derby Extra and Lord Super Barber blades which are sold in 100 packs and are sold already broken in half. However, the intent is to break DE Blades in half, but for some reason I find that off putting. The barber blades are quite economical for around $7 per 100. There are several varieties to choose from including Perma Sharp Supers, Shark, and Derby Premium. The shave is quite good, but not the best I ever had either. I would say it is a DFS shave for me, but not quite BBS.

It is an interesting concept, and I would give the QC a 9.5 out of 10. I feel that the razor is a good value for the price point. It is a mild razor that is fairly efficient. I've never had any nicks or irritation with it. I like the Focus Razor better than the similar OneBlade Core V2. I enjoy using it more, and it's not plastic. If you do end up ordering from the shop above, I can also highly recommend Sampson's All-Natural Shaving Soap which builds a thick, rich lather even in hard water. I am not affiliated with the vendor. These are just my opinions.

Re: Focus R48 Dynamic SE Razor

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:32 pm
by Pauldog
The razor is made to take the little bend in the half-blade from bending by hand, but it's good to know you can use half-blades available commercially. I don't want 100 half-blades, though, so I'll try bending a re-wrapped worn blade to see what it's like.

Re: Focus R48 Dynamic SE Razor

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:07 pm
by Pauldog
I just bent my first DE blade. I can see just a little bend at each extreme end. I suppose you could put a tiny bend into a pre-broken blade, too, if it helps make the blade fit better. I don't like handling bare DE blades; too much risk of cutting myself with a false move.