R.A.D. Recap

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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R.A.D. Recap

Post by Pauldog » Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:58 pm

I'm recounting the razors I bought for personal use since the summer after a long hiatus, not the ones intended for likely resale, which are either collector's items like the Schick Type D injector (which I did try and got a good shave), or cartridge razors.

RazoRock double open comb "SLOC" (made by Yaqi) - on its way now
Muhle R41 open comb (later version) - challenging and interesting; easier to use than the original version!
Dynamic Focus R48 pivoting (uses half a DE blade) - will take a while to learn
Maggard slant head - VERY nice, works fine & easy with pretty much every blade I tried in it
Maggard V3 head - haven't tried yet
Baili BD191 (also sold as the Razorock Teck II) - gives a foolproof shave, probably with almost any blade, and I like it overall; very good value
Razorock "German 37" slant head - seems fine, but but haven't tried it much yet
Razorock open comb - not tried enough yet
Razorock Mentor head - haven't tried yet
Razorock Mission head - haven't tried yet
Phoenix bakelite open comb slant - seems pretty aggressive; still looking for the right blade to use with this
Phoenix "Alpha Ecliptic" bakelite slant - I like this one, though not as much as the Maggard slant - the light head might make it tricky to give it just enough pressure
Phoenix clone of the Schick Type L injector razor was out of stock when I tried to buy it
GBS heavy duty slant razor - I already reported in another thread that it was way too heavy to use properly, and I returned it to the seller

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