More Praise for BullGoose Shaving!!!

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dash maverick
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More Praise for BullGoose Shaving!!!

Post by dash maverick »

While browing I stumbled upon the clearance section and figured I'd pickup some new items for cheap. I got two 4oz soaps and a small Vulfix boar for under $15 with shipping! Not only that, but Phil was nice enough to include a FREE 2.7oz soap puck!

It's vendors like this that make online shopping great! I've ordered from many different online vendors before (many listed in this forum), having spent WAY more money, and they've never included ANYTHING for free (sorry to mention, but not even SCS included extra goodies).

Thanks again Phil, you've got a repeat customer for life and I'll be sure to recommend you as a top-rated vendor!!


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Post by 2clfrwrds »

Anthony is absolutely right about BullGoose Shaving Supplies.

I've done 2 transactions with Phil, and both times he went well beyond the norm in terms of service and value for the dollar. He's the kind of vendor who makes you feel like your order is the most important thing in the galaxy.

Truly, a first-class operation.

EL Alamein
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Post by EL Alamein »

+1 on the first class operation. Phil took good care of me in my dealings with him. I won't hesitate to purchase from him again.

As an aside Phil was able to get the ingredients for the Cyril Salter shaving soap. This is a soap I've been wanting to try for years and have been trying to get a hold of the ingredients for from other vendors. It's another of those knock-off types for the T&H Luxury shaving soap. But guess what - the ingredients are slightly different but the scent and performance are not! In fact I find it may actually be a touch better than the T&H.

I'm grateful to Phil for making the extra effort to get the ingredients which lead me to give this great soap a try.

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