Where can you buy Coates shaving cream?

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Would you buy Coates original formula shaving cream when available?

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Robert from the Gentleman's Shop
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Where can you buy Coates shaving cream?

Post by english_barber »


I am currently working with a distributor to get Coates back on shelves, but need your help. Can you answer the following questions for me?

Where did you used to buy Coates shaving cream from?

Where would you like to buy Coates shaving cream when available?

Thank you, Robert
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Post by Gene »

Robert...I have one pot of Coates sandalwood that I picked up from Paul over at Connaught. I THINK it was the last one he had, but may be wrong about that.

Vendors I would buy more from include Paul, Phil at BullGoose and West Coast Shaving.

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Dave T
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Post by Dave T »

I used to buy it from QEDUSA.com

I would buy it mail order from any number of the well known vendors mentioned on SMF. I live in the US, so I'd be most likely to buy it here if that's all I ordered.

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Post by druphus »

Gene wrote:Vendors I would buy more from include Paul, Phil at BullGoose and West Coast Shaving.
+1 to everything stated above. Currently, I have a pot of Almond and Sandalwood purchased from Connaught and a pot of Lime from Grooming Health. It would be nice to be able to get it domestically (which for me means a vendor in the US).
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Blue As A Jewel
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Post by Blue As A Jewel »

Obvious preference would be buying it here in Canada, but I will buy through the US sources both those listed and others... and of course from you Robert!
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Thalay Sagar
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Post by Thalay Sagar »

I would be more prone to buy it from a US vendor due to shipping costs. Of these I tend to shop from QED and Vintage Blades. However, if the total cost differential would not be too great, I would get it from you.

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Post by mantic »

I used to get it from QED as well.

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GA Russell
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Post by GA Russell »

Robert, my first choice would be http://www.shoeboxshaveshop.com
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Post by Baloosh »

Any U.S.-based vendor.
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Post by DEF »


There are any number of vendors I'd be happy to buy from, but I am doing most of my business with Phil at BullGoose these days. (I see that he's already set up with Salter, too, so that may streamline things a bit, assuming he's game.)

I'm mostly a soaps man, but I would make a point of purchasing Coates cream -- especially the Sandalwood, though I'd make a point of acquiring each as it was reissued.

Best of luck!

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M'Learned Friend
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Post by Sam »

Yes, I would buy it, assuming it is the old formula. Rose, Limes and Sandalwood and maybe Lavendar (I am liking the Truefitt smell a lot). As others have said, a US vendor would be preferable because you would avoid shipping fees that make it so that you really need a bigger order from say a UK-based vendor to make it worthwhile. If it was available from say Bullgoose, it might be more palatable to just order the one tub of Coates when you ran out rather than have to consciously decide to wait until you order two or three things due to shipping charges.

My last pots of Coates were from trades and/or people selling it on the forum. The only tubes I had bought were early on, say 8, 9 years ago (Gordon can help me out, it was when Wetshavers was ending up) and it was some seller like Cambridge Chemists
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Post by Squire »

Robert I think I got most of my stock from Charles at QED but any US vendor(s) you choose would be fine by me. Of course if that's not feasible I would order directly from you.

Post by SiR-ed8 »


Never had pleasure of trying Coate but I would buy from these gentlemen if they carried them:

Paul at Connaught Shaving

Gary at shoeboxshaveshop
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Post by KAV »

The crucible for north american sales will be a distributor who doesn't think a Kent brush should cost more than one ordered from the UK. I do understand that effort has reduced prices recently :roll:

Robert, what initial sales figures do you need to impress the bean counters? And to this question I might propose some manner of group buy or comittment to show we aren't blowing bubbles.
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Post by Bob »

I used to buy from Knox Cigar (which has exited the shaving supply business, at least online, I think).

I would prefer a US vendor due to shipping costs.
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Post by m3m0ryleak »

I am too new to "classic shaving" to have purchased Coates originally.

Would gladly purchase from any of the U.S. vendors that advertise here in the shopping forum, Phil and Gary are at the top of the list.

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Post by bernards66 »

Robert, Well, I bought most of the Coate's I've used at shops in NYC on trips there; Pasteur's, Cambridge Chemists, etc. I have also mail ordered it on occasion, from Enchante and I think elsewhere ( this was all awhile ago ). Toward the end, of course, I was hustling to buy it from forum members who had managed to score some wherever they could.

Well, it's a specialty item so, realistically, I don't expect it to be that readily available although there was a time when I could get it locally at both Saks and Brooks Brothers. So, even if it reappeared at some of the old haunts in NYC and on a few online specialty vendors that would be all I could reasonably hope for.
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Post by Gareth »

Robert, I would buy Coate's again if the product was as good, or preferably, better than its competitors (T&H, Trumper's et al).

I used to buy my Coate's from SMF, The Shaving Shack and from Maitland's of Picadilly. Since the latter clearly isn't feasable these days, I would look to buy online either from yourself or The Shaving Shack.

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Post by Esoteric83 »

Ebay seller Johnnyrainbow1. I can't remember the name of his storefront but I bought a ton of Coate's Tubes, couple pots and some Trumpers pots as well. He always had quick shipping from UK to Canada.
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Post by paddy »

Ebay seller Johnnyrainbow1. I can't remember the name of his storefront but I bought a ton of Coate's Tubes, couple pots and some Trumpers pots as well. He always had quick shipping from UK to Canada.
yeah, but this same guy really raised the price of coates when it got to be in short supply and used to really jack up the shipping also. depends what you think, but i always felt he was taking advantage of the situation of there being a distinct lack of supply.
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