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A Safety Razor Compendium - The Book

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:13 pm
by robert-00
A Safety Razor Compendium: The Book
600 pages, B&W
A printed version of A Safety Razor Compendium PDF file.
For those who want a black & white print version of the digital Compendium PDF for their bookshelf, coffee table or “reading room,” here it is.
Contains all the content of the PDF v.1.21. About the size and weight of a vintage Sears catalog: 600 pages, 8.5x11-inch page size, 2.5 inches thick, 3.8 lb.

Pros: Instant availability, no hard drive to crash, no battery to deplete, and you can riffle through the pages.
Cons: No color, and no zoom or search capability. Heavier than an iPad or MacBook Air. And it costs more than downloading the PDF.

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