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Cheap Shave Crew - Wet Shave Subscription Service - Live now

Post by CheapShaveCrew » Sat May 09, 2015 12:54 pm

Howdy fellow wet shave enthusiast! Well, Ive finally gone live and have launched Cheap Shave Crew which is a wet shave subscription service aimed to delivered the best wet shave goods, as cheap as possible. We send enough supplies for a full 6 months of wet shaving, every 6 months to keep cost down! We provide Feather Blades, Proraso shave cream, and other best of breed wet shave supplies. Were also about 50% cheaper than other wet shave services out there (as they usually charge 25$ a month!) and offer free delivery to those in the continental US... We're looking for new members, and I'm offering a 5$ off coupon to my fellow forum members. Hope to be able to supply you all with the best good possible right to your doorstep.

So, check us out at Cheap Shave Crew to see what were all about.
Use the coupon code Shave5 to save 5$ on your first supply box!

Thanks All,

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