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Traditional SE wet shave - reviews and recommendations here!

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:39 pm
by LatinShave
I searched all over the forums here recently while in NYC on business, as well as on other similar sites and came up mostly empty.

In the end I went to Geno's in Greenwich Villiage, Yuri was the wizard behind the blade, it took about 30-40 minutes and cost $35.

Being my very first traditional SE barbershop shave, I have nothing whatsoever to compare it with, but came out of there feeling refreshed, with BBS skin, a slight nick (that he treated and hid), and really looking good. It was an interesting experience.

I'd like to see more reviews of places in other cities (I'm sure London, Paris, LA, and other places have some recommended/go-to places that other people would love to know about) and am looking forward to learning about more places to go.