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Recent forum upgrades

Post by VinceFX » Thu Dec 08, 2005 11:38 pm

Hi everyone,

I have made a series of upgrades to the forum software that powers this site and there are a few things you should all be aware of.

First of all I, highly recommend that you add the following email addresses to your "allowed" senders list for your ISP so that emails don't get blocked by your spam blocker software.

They are as follows:


Also, you might notice some new features sprinkled throughout the site. Some of the more relevant ones are:

* Private message notifications now contain the sender, subject, and body of the actual private message that was sent to your inbox.

* The inbox, sentbox, and savebox each have a counter to show you how many messages are in each of those boxes. This should help keep your inboxes nice and tidy :-)

* All inbox, sentbox, and savebox quotas have been increased from 250 to 400 allowed messages in each.

* Add image to post feature - this is a new enhancement that came with the upgrade of the forum software. I could have disabled it to force users to upload to our built in gallery but it's actually a convenient tool and I think you'll enjoy it. You will see this option anytime you go to compose a message. It uses a free third party image hosting service but please be aware that if the image isn't viewed for 30 consecutive days, it will be deleted automatically. If you want to host an image for an indefinite period of time, use the ShaveMyFace Gallery.

Thats about it. There are probably a few other enhancements that I neglected to mention but I'm sure you'll find them on your own :-P