What I've Learned in 2 Months....

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What I've Learned in 2 Months....

Post by deman »

Now that I've settled in to a sort of groove with this DE "shaving fetish" as my wife puts it, I thought I would offer up a few observations on what works for me, average guy-average face.

1. Merkur HD - best investment I ever made.

2. Derby Extra - the happy medium for me. Merkur blades were OK but leave me with impression of a sideline product to go along with the superb razors. No offense intended to you Merkur users - just my opinion. Swedes are a real treat but until I can buy in quantity with reasonable shipping not an option. Feather was great on the face but too harsh on the neck (I know, I know… it’s the angle of attack).

3. C&E Best Badger - Not generating the mounds of lather in a bowl I thought it would but works fine lathering on the beard. Probably need to be more vigorous with the stirring motion but since I am not a morning person this is a challenge.

4. Target - "Fredo, you broke my heart" when you stopped carrying Proraso but I found that Kiss My Face cream works just as well, is cheaper, easier to use, and available at my regular grocery store....funny how these things work out.

5. Consider installing a recessed medicine cabinet to house the collection if all you have is one of those expansive mirrors. They're inexpensive, easy to put in, space-saving and have a sentimental quality about them since every house used to have one. Just be mindful of wires and pipes when you decide to saw into the wall. This is best done when your wife is out shopping lest you be accused of desecrating the temple before the dust clears.
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Post by Leisureguy »

You're well on your way. Very good account, and pleased to read that things are going well.
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Post by brderj »

Glad to hear you found what works for you. I am lucky as those Merkur blades work very well for my face, they are easy to find and cheap to purchase. I love 'em! :D
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Very nice. The bowl lathering issue may be a water quality issue. Spend a dollar and pick up a bottle of DISTILLED water and try using that for a few shaves. If you see an improvement, you're on your way. Also, since you are in Richmond, check out The Body Shop at the local mall. They carry a nice shaving cream, and one of my favorite a/s balms, Javari. Here, The Body Shop is VERY generous with samples.

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Post by ead »

Very nice
+1 for the HD a great razor all the way
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