Floris Vetiver discontinued?

What kind of fragrances do you prefer?
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I can honestly say that the Floris scents didn't do much for me.

BUT, now that I've found out that the soap you use for bathing (no, not another MWF comment :shock: ) appears to make a difference (at least iwth me), I'll give it another try.

For some reason, C&E Sienna bath soap really brings out scents for me.

I had gone through the Penhaligon's library and had a similar feeling - they were all just "powdery sweet". Now I'm noticing big differences among the fragrances since using the C&E Sienna.

Floris samples are next on my list to try again (along with CF Kieg and CF Gentlemen's Cologne).
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drmoss_ca wrote:Use of Manx in the forum is frowned upon.
Probably very silly of me, but I don't get it. Even if I take into account that a Cymric is a type of Manx (= tailless cat) breed. Please explain?
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I failed to understand this:
cymric wrote:Dsquared2 heWood
So I assumed, evidently wrongly, that you were one of the few remaining Manx speakers in the world. My apologies.

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Aha. It took some interesting Wikipedia-material to get me up to speed: frankly, I'm impressed that you knew of this very rare language. Are you a language enthusiast, perchance?

To explain: dsquared2 is the name for two Canadian brothers (twins, to be precise) who moved to Milan, Italy many years ago to pursue their dream of beginning their own fashion line. Recently they produced their first perfume: heWOOD. At the time of writing you cannot get it in the States yet; although there are reports of people obtaining it in Canada. And it is of course available in Europe. Compared to the two dozen scents I sampled the other day---at a perfume counter, I should add, so not really into genuine classic aftershaves and EDTs such as your beloved Floris No. 89---it is quite the oddity. It has a base of cedar and vetiver, and its main fragances are violet leaves and violet blossoms. The 'top notes' are fir, amber and musk. I'm still not sure whether I agree with the sweet flowery violet aspect, although I really like the wood base. (Indicating I should sample more cedar and vetiver scents.) It reminds me of Tabac in the way that both are sweet scents, but not sweet as in sugary fruit or overpowering blossoms, but sweet as in aromatic wood. heWOOD is exceptionally potent stuff: a whiff of the EDT on my wrist lasted for 24 hours, and survived a shower, a one-hour swim in a chlorinated swimming pool and normal day-to-day work and household activities. The pool truly killed the scent, though.

It doesn't come cheap---the EDT costs €75 for a bottle of 100 ml, and the aftershave balsam (without alcohol) is €50 for 100 ml. Hence me being a bit hesitant about getting the balsam.
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Bob, Nonsense! You most certainly CAN use up your 200ml. bottle of Floris No 89. You just need to get a little serious is all. Now, a 500ml bottle of Harris's HIS...that might take a little time.
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I have to agree with Gordon. Unless your 95 years old 200ml is not a life time supply. I could do 200ml in 6 months if I attend enough meetings.
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Re: Floris Vetiver discontinued?

Post by adhoc »

I just want to vent a little. I had purchased a reasonable priced Floris Vetiver from Ebay and I was eagerly awaiting its arrival but I was just given the tracking no and to my shock Royal Mail had ceased the goods and destroyed it "accordingly", dangerous goods they say... First time for me that this have happened and of course its a vintage cologne they had to destroy, bastards. The seller was nice though and was willing to refund me. So if anyone have a spare bottle of Floris Vetiver you know where to find me! :wink:
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Re: Floris Vetiver discontinued?

Post by Bill_K »

adhoc wrote: Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:37 am ... Royal Mail had ceased the goods and destroyed it "accordingly", dangerous goods they say...
Sorry to hear about your experience. In the last 4 or 5 months I've noticed that shaving sites have stated that they cannot ship out-of-country because of the alcohol; presumably because it's a fire hazard.

As a side note, I work for a very large health region. Some time ago I had occasion to visit a distribution site where I peeked into the room where we store all alcohol wipes, dispensers, and refill containers. The amount of equipment and procedures related to fire suppression and containment is simply breathtaking! They really take the fire hazard very, very seriously. A spark in this place would result a sub-optimal outcome to the day.
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