Shuttle launch

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Shuttle launch

Post by Squire »

So who else is on standby to watch the Shuttle launch?
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Post by divotmax »

Apparently not too many. I will watch if I can.

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Post by RJ »

I didn't know you guys could see it outside Florida. I live about 100 miles or so from the space station and it was pretty incredible in the sunset. Probably the best one I have ever seen. Caught it totally by chance, but when you see it going up, there is no mistaking it for anything else.
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Post by jww »

Wow -- talk about a pavlovian response -- I thought the title of this thread was Scuttle Launch ...... :oops: :wink:

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Post by AFG »

I'm vacationing in the Tampa area. Sunday evening shortly after the launch we saw what first appeared to be a large jet in the sky but much more illuminated. We assumed it had to be the shuttle. Very impressive.
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Post by AACJ »

When I lived in Jax, we would always enjoy going outside for the night launches, even the late late night ones. Two minutes of seeing an upside down lighted match go up into the night sky.

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Post by PT »

Haha, I thought this said "Scuttle Launch". I was all excited for a new scuttle design.
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