Is a Progress right for me?

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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Is a Progress right for me?

Post by OmegaEdge »

I have been wet shaving for a while now and gotten a pretty good routine down. I own only one razor, a 50's Aristocrat and use typically only one soap, D.R. Harris Marlborough. I have tried alot of soaps and creams and I have found that my Aristocrat loaded with yellow Gillettes works best for me. However, I am looking for a change, to experience something new. Lately the Merkur Progress has caught my eye, I have been told that its a great shaver, but I have used a adjustable razor before (Gillette Slim) and I wasn't to impressed. So my question is, is the Progress different from a Gillette adjustable? How does it shave compared to a Aristocrat? Any insight will be appreciated.
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Post by mycat »


The Progress is one of the finest adjustables you can buy at any price. And now they have the new longer handle version which of course is a heavier razor. I had a Gillette 1-9 but can't remember which one and it didn't impress me as aggressive even at the highest setting using a Feather. But put the same blade in a Progress and you are looking at setting 2 or 3 max with a Feather for a BBS. You can pick up a new Progress long handle for as low as $60 + shipping. I thing its a good deal. Of course if you do buy one and don't like it you can always sell it.
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Post by OmegaEdge »

I went ahead and bought a gold Futur, it looks like it will be a good choice for me, if not I will just sell it and get the longer handle progress.
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Post by marsos52 »

hi OmegaEdge

the progress and the futur are both great razors
and some of the best if not the only adjustables that are available as new unused razors

they both have a long and respected following

many feel as i do, that the futur is the total shaving machine.
and the progress is increasing in popularity especially now that the model
comes in a longer handle version and that they have become customizable
you can choose to swap the plastic end that adjusts the razor for some vey nice and actractive metal ones

either way you should find total shaving enjoyment in every way

good luck
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Post by desertbadger »

With the right blade and there are several, and proper techinque the Futur will shave the hair off a frog.
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Post by Squire »

Omega that's the choice I would have made.
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Post by gil3591 »

i own both and i think you made the right choice. they are very close in performance but the futur is a hoot! :lol:
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Post by giammi »

Good choice, the futur will not disappoint you.
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Post by Joe Lerch »

You said you wanted something different from a Gillette, so you made the right choice.

My complaint about the Gillettes is that they're too tame. The 9 setting gets you about half way to what you can get with one of the Merkurs.

The Futur is the most aggressive of the adjustable Merkurs. Wait a while before you try going above a 3. That should be plenty if you're used to a Gillette. Above that it starts getting increasingly aggressive with most blades. However, the Feathers make this razor smooth over its entire range. They just require a lot of care.
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