An embarrassment of riches

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An embarrassment of riches

Post by bernards66 »

I felt the need to share this, regarding SMF. As some of you know, for a long time I used an old Wedgewood made cereal bowl as my lathering bowl. I loved the thing ( even if they made fun of me for it on the old Wetshavers forum ). It was originally part of a Peter Rabbit set, and this bowl was the 'Mrs. Rabbit' part of said set. It was just the ticket and I always stoutly defended it's merits when anyone would smirk or sneer. Well, last year I was careless, dropped it and broke it. I was very chagrined but figured there wasn't much I could do so I glumly went to using a standard soup bowl from our kitchen set. It worked okay, but it was not the same.

Well, I mentioned all this a little while back in the context of some thread or other, and damnme if a Mrs Rabbit bowl didn't show up at my door late last week! It was sent by renumeration...just a kindness on his part. Well, this was much appreciated, the ho-hum bowl went back to the kitchen and I've been lathering away with my new Mrs. Rabbit bowl for the last few days. But, that's not all. Today as I was frying eggs and ham and making tea there was a loud knock on the side door. 'Jeez!...what the hell?...'. It was the postman handing me a largish package. I looked at it.....' couldn't be'....but yep, it was....ANOTHER Mrs. Rabbit bowl! This one was from Chris in Virginia ( 'Thalay Sagar' ). Also totally unsolicitated, a total surprise. So now, I have a back up if ( God forbid! ) I am ever careless again. And interestingly, the two are subtly different; slightly different print and different colors used in the illustration, which I gather is often the case with special Wedgewood pieces. I don't frequent other forums, either shaving or otherwise, but I've...well....heard, and I doubt one would find this kind of generousity and thoughtfulness on that many of them. But at SMF it's not uncommon. Thank you both.
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Post by DEF »

Bully for Nathan and Chris! Good show!

You know, Gordon, you need only to put the Mrs. Rabbit bowl in the cupboard with the Mr. Rabbit bowl, and, well...
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Post by desertbadger »

Kudos to Nathan & Chris! Enjoy your new bowl/s Gordon!
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Post by IsaacRN »

Great Gestures..

May we see a picture of this or these bowls?
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Post by ExecAccess »

Now that brought a smile to my face. I must admit to still having my son's Mr Rabbit Bowl (said, 6ft hairy wrestler mentioned in an earlier post today)! - mens fashion accessories and skin care online in Australia.
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Post by stagger »


I too, can attest to the generosity of some of the folks on this site. My father and I were both recipients of one of the members' generosity. By the way Squire, I found a Gillette slim adjustable for my dad which he loves, and he is still going through the blades you sent. He told me again to say thank you very much. He is glad to be back to DE shaving.

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Post by mrbear »

Fantastic! One of the reasons I joined this forum.

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Post by gsgo »

Class acts! Nicely done!
Good shaving,

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Post by Aztecface »

Good show. Good show indeed.
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Post by Chap »

Good show chaps.
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Post by fallingwickets »

Mrs. Rabbit bowl in the cupboard with the Mr. Rabbit bowl, and, well...
I vote this line of the month!

And to Chris and Nathan I say 2 million three hundred and forty nine thumbs up

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Post by drumana »

Great story... :)
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Post by Hawkeye5 »

What more to say? Rather a humbling experience and a testament to the high esteem in which you are held. Very nice gesture. Well done Chris and Nathan!
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Post by Churchill »

This is why we love this forum! =D>
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Post by Bargepole »

Right. EVERYONE to scour around for Mrs Rabbit bowls and send them to Gordon. That'll teach him to be popular and respected.


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Post by diggity »


There's plenty to go around. If you want a Mrs. Rabbit bowl, we can get you one :lol:

Here's a picture:

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Post by Sam »

would be funny if say a couple dozen bowls showed up, the a dinner plate, and well, want to see the look on Mrs. Gordon's face?
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Post by Squire »

And I swear to God honey I didn't post a thing . . .
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Post by Ecosse »

Some really nice folks around these parts.
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Post by KAV »

My mother collected all the first edition Beatrice Potter books.
I have to tell you, the ending was completely unexpected :shock:
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