Single edge razors

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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Single edge razors

Post by river1 »

Just found these SE's packed away; Gem Gbar, Light Weight, Micromatic, and 1912. There are several more including one with an open comb micromatic/flat tto. Interesting razors that a lot of people think are the best razor and much superior to the DE's.

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PM sent.
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Post by bbqncigars »

Nice find. I've got three of the four pictured razors. Of those, the 1912 gives me the closest shave.

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Post by alcx77 »

SEs offer surprisingly good shaves 8)
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Post by RocketMan »

I personally find you need to go to a somewhat older Lather Catcher style to really enjoy a single edge shave. These new fangled razors do hold the blade, but in my opinion something got lost along the way beginning around the 1930s. YMMV of course!
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