Custom Mixed Hair Tonic

Ok, so we've got shaving all taken care of but what about that hair and the rest of your face? Get the low down on shampoo's, conditioners, finishers, cleansers, toners and moisturizers right here!
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Custom Mixed Hair Tonic

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I got a short haircut a week ago and have had a problem looking like Dagwood since. Short hairs sticking out over my right ear. I had been using a hair gel to control it but ran out. So I have worked out a mix that controls it and feels OK. I put about half a dime size puddle of body lotion (greasy type) in the palm of my left hand and spray about a nickel sized puddle of Jirmack extra hold hair spray in. Then I dump In a nice smelling hair tonic like Eau de Portugal. Rub my palms together and rub on my hair. Brush it flat and it stays. Not too greasy and not too stiff. Works for me!
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Re: Custom Mixed Hair Tonic

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Pete, sounds good. Use what works for you. Experiment etc.

For myself I use pomade mixed with brilliantine and it works a treat.

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