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Re: Photos on SMF

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No need to disturb your granddaughter, Gary. The composer's Attachments pane is unreliable in that it will cope with one image perfectly well, but if you add more it forgets the first and so on. It lets you do it, and it might even preview it OK, but the final post will be screwed up.

If you want to make a post with multiple images, they must reside elsewhere on the web and be linked. Then you just paste in the image address (URL) and place [img]URL.jpg[/img] tags around it. If you need somewhere to upload your images, there are free options. Your ISP probably offers you some web storage along with your connection, and it is easy to use ftp to place image files there, Or you can use a third party like Flickr or others.
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Re: Photos on SMF

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I can do that! (That first sentence in your response is exactly what was happening.) Much obliged!

PS: I was able to delete the troublesome test photo that used to reside somewhere above here. (I went to the Attachments tab and clicked the Delete File button. Hmmm . . .)

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Re: Photos on SMF

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drmoss_ca wrote: Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:10 pm If you are linking a photo already residing elsewhere on the web, it must be the right size of there will be problems. 800 - 1024 pixels wide should prevent the scrolling needed for even larger photos.
I realize that this is an ancient thread, but I have discovered a gimmick for resizing some images found on the web, including Google Image search results.

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The end of the URL is clearly a size specification.
Edit the "w=640&h=360" part to "w=240&h=180" and you get this:

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Same source, but rendered smaller.

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This time I changed "fit=579" to "fit=300"

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Images with "shopify" in the URL may just have one number related to rendering size, an "x" followed by the pixel width.

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One hint to find a scaling number (if there is one) is to look at the pixel dimensions.
- Search for an image with Google.
- click on one of them
- when you see the enlarged version on the right, right-click on it to "View image".
- inspect the title bar of the new window, and it will say something like "yaddayadda.jpg (WEBP image, 640 x 480 pixels)"
- see if those numbers (or just one of them) also appear in the URL.
- change the number(s), <enter>, and see if it works and is still visible.

It's not the most convenient fix, but it works.
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Re: Photos on SMF

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Thank You!

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