Air Purifiers or Humidifiers?

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Air Purifiers or Humidifiers?

Post by Jacer »

Hi guys,
I'm in the market was wondering whats the difference between air purifier and Humidifier and get which one better?
For ease coughing and enhance better breathing.
thanks in advance!
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Re: Air Purifiers or Humidifiers?

Post by ShadowsDad »

Generally, An air purifier does just that, it removes particulates from the air, and sometimes odors as well. HEPA versions remove exceedingly fine particulates. A dehumidifier is basically an A/C unit that removes humidity. If it cleans the air it's as a by-product of passing the air over the cold wet coils. They might come with air filtration in which case go back to the start of the post. Note that dehumidifiers don't cool the air and might actually warm it since it actually uses electricity to do the work and that produces heat. Unlike an A/C unit that heat is not typically dumped outdoors. Typically dehumidifiers have a tank that needs to be dumped periodically and air purifiers have filters that need to be changed or cleaned on a schedule.

If the problem for breathing is pollen or dust you want an air purifier unless a dehumidifier is made with a HEPA filter. I'm not in tune to what's offered today.

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Re: Air Purifiers or Humidifiers?

Post by CMur12 »

Hi Jacer. Welcome to SMF!

Brian accurately described air purifiers and dehumidifiers. You mentioned humidifiers, whose purpose is to add humidity to the air if you live in a dry climate (as I do). Humidifiers do not purify the air.

I don't know what the cause of your coughing is, so I can't say which would serve you better. An air purifier would help to remove allergens from the air, if your cough is from allergies. If your cough is the result of dry air, the humidifier would be the answer. You might even need both.

- Murray
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Re: Air Purifiers or Humidifiers?

Post by brothers »

I concur with Murray regarding a humidifier. I use one faithfully to ward off irritation caused by dry air while sleeping.

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