The View from Japan: Kai Gold-S Disposable Razors

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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The View from Japan: Kai Gold-S Disposable Razors

Post by JimR »

Japan is a land of great beauty, and great danger.
Earthquakes, Typhoons, Giant Hornets....
And the Kai Gold-S Disposable razor.

Before I started shaving with a double edged safety razor, I was advised to "train" myself off of my electric by using a single blade, fixed head disposable razor. This would help teach me how to adjust angles using my own arm, and get my face ready to have a sharp sliver of steel sliding up and down my skin.

In the course of this "training", I picked up these little beauties.


They were cheap, and interesting, and I was curious about Japanese options.

You know what they say about curiosity.

I tried this razor to help teach myself how to use a bladed razor. I learned a lesson all right.

That lesson was called "fear."

I don't know if it's the insanely sharp angle of the head, or if it's the insanely sharp blade, but something about this razor ended up giving me the worst shave of my life. Nicks, abrasions, stinging...blood everywhere.

Not pretty.

Somewhere, there must be men who shave every day with one of these monsters. Men like Toshiro Mifune or Mako, with faces of cured sharkskin and voices like buzzsaws. These men prep their beards with the snows of Mt. Fuji, and use the blood of fallen foes as a cream--which they lather with a hard stare.
Those guys can use this razor.

Not me.
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Post by GA Russell »

You've made my day, Jim! :D
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Post by Pauldog »

I think the trick to using this razor is to keep your hand still and move your face...and putting a little shark blood in your shaving cream doesn't hurt.
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Post by razorburned »

well have been using a plastic spoon (your electric razor) for years, and were told to move to a metal butter-knife (fixed head disposable) to learn on before grabbing the steak knife (a DE).......silly you, you skipped ahead and grabbed the katana
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