What are you reading?

Feel free to post anything unrelated to wet shaving or men's grooming (I.e. cars, watches, pens, leather goods. You know, the finer things of life).
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Re: What are you reading?

Post by brothers » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:55 pm

Following my wife's lead, I've been buying my books on Kindle for about 5 years now. My daughter gave me the Kindle as a Christmas gift. I've told her several times the Kindle is one of my favorite and most useful gifts in a long time. We've got shelves of old books (pre-Kindle) gathering dust upstairs and one of these days I'll finally get around to boxing them up --- and --- ???

Same for the VCR carts and DVD discs.

What are your experiences and/or opinions in this regard?

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Re: What are you reading?

Post by CMur12 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:46 pm

I'm definitely behind the times, Gary.

I still like printed books. It is much easier to skip around within the text than it is with a digital reader. (And I love my dictionaries.)
My phone is a prepaid flip-phone, which I use mainly for texts and secondarily for the occasional emergency call.
I still use a VCR every week to record programs that come on at a time inconvenient to view them. It still does the job that I need of it.
I still like to watch the occasional movie or documentary on DVD. I even have a couple of favorite old movies on videotape only.
I still shoot film cameras (35mm/135 and 120), though I bought a really nice used DSLR that I need to learn how to use. (It will complement the film cameras, not replace them.)
I also still like fountain pens and mechanical watches.

I used to be on top of all the latest technology, but it got to the point that there was existing tech that did the job with no need to upgrade purely for the sake of having the latest.

You think I might just be getting old? :mrgreen:

- Murray
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Re: What are you reading?

Post by fallingwickets » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:00 am

washington black by esi edugyan
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