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Razors for sale

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Razors for sale

Postby itsmedave » Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:09 am

Everything sold!!!

1959 Gillette Fatboy with Case, Blade Bank, and Instructions. $50
One of the hinges is missing a piece, but the razor itself is in great shape. Date Code is E1 which is the first quarter of 1959. The last half turn is there and the twist to open functions smoothly.

Merkur 37G Slant with box and 5 pack of blades $40
Didn’t care as much for the gold so I picked up a 39C.

Weber Razor $55 shipped
Just not aggressive enough for me. Beautiful razor though.

89 Head with Muhle Handle $25
I have no idea if this is a Muhle or EJ head. It’s far too mild for me.

1970 Black Beauty Gold Gillette Slim Adjustable $25
Missing some lacquer on top but razor shaves great. Could use a bit more cleanup as I was afraid of more lacquer loss with polish. TTO works fine and the last half turn is there.

Gillette New $15
A few scratches on the head, but teeth are in good shape and it cleaned up nicely

Two User Grade Injectors $8 apiece
These need some cleanup but I’m sure will be fine shavers. I bought them as a lot on eBay to get one injector in particular.
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