When is a strop no longer able to do the job?

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When is a strop no longer able to do the job?

Post by ShadowsDad » Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:22 am

I'm in the search to get my Rolls Razor working and a critical piece of gear is the strop.

What the folks who are figuring out how to maintain the Rolls are seeing is that since there is no rounding over of the edge by using the Rolls stropping jig, that the edge can be maintained indefinitely with no honing . Just use the strop and some FeOx, and maybe once in awhile a strop with some diamond spray on it.

I have a bunch of strops for it. I've been told that a nick in the strop makes it no good (true??). What constitutes a nick?

Too, some of the strops while not nicked have an abraded surface and the leather is no longer smooth and shiny. Would that make it unusable? Or would putting some oil and FeOx on it make it OK?


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Re: When is a strop no longer able to do the job?

Post by pundi64 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:44 am

Maybe try just a dab of Mink Oil, or Neatsfoot Oil, say on one finger, and dab onto the strop in about 3 - 4 places, then use the palm of your hand and rub into the leather, you don't want to saturate the leather by any means, just work the dabs into it, then evaluate the results, and maybe repeat another time, little bit and slowly working into leather is better. [-X [-o<

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